Workshop tour – my home Woodshop – shop organizing ideas – shop projects and lathes

this is a little tour of my small home workshop / woodshop. you will notice from this tour i have a few projects I'm working on and a few space saving ideas you may be interested in. some of the interesting space savers i discuss are:
heavy duty shelving
rotating tool station
under mounted self boxes
scrap box turned chemical shelf

some of the projects i touch on are:
small outboard for my micro boats
homemade lathe – big blue and my free mini lathe
future BIG lathe, homemade of course

Yes this is a tiny workshop, maybe even a micro wood shop but i hope this tour was illuminating if for nothing else to show that you can make interesting and big projects with very little work space. it may not be much of a work shop but the little wood shop is all my own.


  1. Very cool shop. You’re not the only one I’ve seen that only used a RAS instead of having a table saw. You can actually do quite a bit with one and if set up properly, it beats the hell out of bench top and most job site saws.

  2. thanks. its smaller than i prefer but it get the job done. i love the RAS, a lot of guys complain about how dangerous it is, but you are absolutely right, it is the most versatile saw ever made. i mean how difficult is it to keep your finger away from the blade!

  3. Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed seeing your shop, it’s nice to see a small shop layout that is reachable to many home hobbyists.

  4. thanks, its not much but its mine. all of my home projects happen in this shop, it doesn’t take much to make something interesting…

  5. +Ray Pena especially when one hand is operating it in the first place. Years ago I had a 6’X8′ shop, had to step outside to change my mind. And 36″ isn’t a large turning? Lol

  6. +Lyle Kobberstad, yeah 36″ is tiny, lol. I meant in comparison to the capacity of the lathe.

  7. A good overview of the workshop. A lot of interesting equipment. Like!

  8. thanks! i know I’m always curious about the workshops of other builders, thought someone would be interested in my little shop. i watch your videos, but i wish i understood Russian!

  9. We are the same as You, just live in more severe conditions. Appreciate friendship, interested in beautiful. Thank you for viewing my video. Good Luck To You!

  10. and you as well.

  11. Ray I like the order you have in your shop, my shop is 12×24 and disorganized and the floor is full of tools on their own stands I must get them organized I like yours

  12. +Tom Palmer thanks, glad you liked the video…I would like to be more organized but it is what it is.

  13. +Tom Palmer and I definitely would like more space!

  14. Curious, didn’t see any grounding rods for service panel. Separate out buildings require it for safety.

  15. +Bill D , you are correct, they do….but you failed to notice the grounding, lol. At 0:24 you can see the ground wire coming out of the bottom of the panel running parallel to the supply conduit. At 0:35, at ground level just behind the conduit (just to the left) you can see the grounding clamp….which of course is how the wire is fixed to the grounding rod. I don’t want my shop burning down either!

  16. See what happens when you turn 60. Your eyes get goofy. Like the shop, good use of space. Just found your videos. Regards, Bill

  17. +Bill D thanks Bill. It’s small, but it does the job. I hope you enjoy my videos, I have an interesting one scheduled for Thursday…part 1 of a vertical lathe build.

  18. no windows – yeah I went with no window too. my garage guy looked at me really weird when I asked for no windows. cool shop – can’t wait until I see a few more of your projects

  19. thanks jimi. i was made aware of your channel through the “skull challenge” you have with Eloy…very funny

  20. yeah – I have about 200 Plus subscriptions but you are new to me.

  21. Stephen's 8x6 Workshop

    Yep, OK, I’m envious now! Your workshop is twice the size of mine and you have lots more cools toys than I have! Cheers for the Vid Ray.

  22. +Stephen’s 8×6 Workshop thanks Stephen, I’m lucky I have the shop at work I can go to for more space….like glassing my boat!

  23. quick question was your shop smith the combo that had table saw,lathe,drill press all in one I ask because I have of those but not all the documents was woundering if you might. I learned after some internet research what it was and when it made and when it was last sold new. it is interesting to me as it went out of production on, the day I was born.

  24. +ThLynn Nydb it’s an old 10er. And yes it is a combo machine. I don’t have any documentation, but it was built in the 40’s… Possibily 46. There have been several models but these older ones are the only cast iron versions

  25. Great video 🙂

  26. +Micro works thanks!

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