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In this video we follow a board of English walnut on its journey through the workshop to the homepage of our website.
Copyright Workshop Heaven Ltd 2013, produced and edited by Helen Everett.

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  1. Olly Parry-Jones

    Beautiful, Matthew!

  2. Nothing less than we would expect. Amazing music as well – who is the
    artist and what is the track?

  3. Workshop Heaven Ltd

    Thanks Glynne, The song is called ‘where the wind blows’ from the album
    human emotion by scoring factory. 

  4. Matthew, Love the plane cam, more videos from that please. 

  5. Wood porn. Very nice.

  6. I hate to day this but this demo of sharpening a plane blade is all wrong,
    firstly blades need to have any sharp points removed (otherwise they will
    dig in when planing boards the full width of the blade) Curvature on blades
    decreases the larger the plane, but is still present even on the largest
    Jointer, Try, Fore and Jack planes. Secondly the blade once sharpened on
    the stone/abrasive was never backed off to remove the burr. I can speak on
    this subject with some knowledge of expertise, I am a qualified master
    Carpenter having served an indentured apprenticeship with one of the top
    joinery companies in England. I have Basic and Advanced craft Carpentry and
    Joinery at City and Guilds level (all parts), all of the Institute of
    Carpenters exams up to Membership level, CITB skills test, NVQ level 3
    Carpentry and Joinery, CITB CSCS Gold card holder with all woodwork
    occupations, an HND in Building Construction, Design and Managment and a BA
    upper class honours in Industrial Design from Brunel in London. As well as
    24 years in the industry, this demo whilst all pretty is all wrong. If you
    would like some proper instruction on sharpening and tool use, I would be
    more than happy to oblige. 

  7. 我喜欢看编织

  8. music too intrusive get rid

  9. Workshop Heaven Ltd

    Volume control bottom left. 🙂

  10. Workshop Heaven Ltd

    +robdawrench Hi Rob, thanks for your kind comment. This was never intended
    to be a honing 101, just a fun artsy video to show that we are not ‘just
    another retailer punting random products’ but we really do love and care
    about the crafts and actually use, and in some cases design the tools we
    sell. Incidentally this system can be used to put the sweetest camber on
    blades. By spacing the sheets out a little wider you can let one roller
    ride on the film and the other on the glass, a little pressure on the
    corner of the blade, repeat for the other side and you get a lovely barely
    perceptible curve that cuts across about 4/5 of the width.

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