Workshop Heating and Cooling

My shop:
-20’6” x 20’6” with a 10’ ceiling.
All perimeter walls, except 12’ of one wall attached to my house, are not insulated.
-Garage door is a regular 2 car garage door that I added insulation to. Two kits needed for my door.
-Garage door has wide weatherstripping attached to the outside.
-Ceiling above is not insulated.

My local climate:
-I live in central Mississippi which is known to have a high annual precipitation level.
-Mississippi also has a high average temperature.

Previous heating:
-Two 1500w electric radiant heaters. They couldn’t keep up with the space.
-Two electric radiant heaters + a small propane Mr. Heater one plaque 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater. This worked but didn’t burn as efficient as I had hoped and produced an odor that we could smell inside the house.

Previous cooling:
-Box fan. Even a steady breeze is still miserable in the high heat and humidity of the Southeast climate.

Current setup:
-QuietSide brand mini split AC & heat pump unit. Model number QS18-VJ220.
-18,000 BTU cooling and 19,800 BTU heating.
-Comfortably cools to low 70’s in the summer time and drastically reduces the humidity in the shop.
-Comfortably heats the shop in the winter time. Although, the lowest setting is 61 degrees which is a little warm for working in the winter time. I’d prefer to work in a long sleeved shirt or light jacket in the winter and remove the long sleeves in the event that I get hot.
-The outside unit is a lot quieter than the unit for my house.

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Tools in my shop (affiliate links):
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  1. Congrats.

  2. Jay Bates 2 i know, right? funny how i think its dumb saying first. BUT, im layingbin bed with a broken ankle, and literally checked your channel two minutes previous, and there was no new video. then i went over and watched april wilkerson screw up her axe handle and got your notification. yep, this is my life right now. bedridden

  3. Good luck with the ankle!

  4. Thanks, Jay. I’m glad to see you coming up with content while you recover. How much longer until you can get back to it?

  5. Nice shirt. (In before someone complains about it.)

  6. Do you have any problem with sawdust plugging up the inside coils on the unit?

  7. I heat my workshop with a single one of those electric heaters you showed, no problems keeping it heated to the 5-8C I keep it at during winters, even when it’s -25C outside. Insulation really helps, the floor slab too is insulated. It is maybe 30% smaller than your workshop I think.

    Air comes in low near the floor on the south facing side and exits on the other side up high, creating a natural draft and keeps humidity low. I place the heater near the inlet. The slab and the machines retain most of the heat. I am also adding home built solar air collectors to preheat intake air, i made a small one that I circulate indoor air through to heat it when the sun shines and it’s really effective. I can delay using my heater a month in the autumn and turn it off a month earlier, all from that little collector.

    My goal is always to use less energy and save money wherever I can.

    Oh and in summers, when it gets up to 25-30C here (Finland) the shop is nice and cool and is not heated at all. The solar collector is wall mounted and the sun is much higher in summer, so it’s not really a problem, and it’s most efficient during the winter when the sun is low and hits the collector nearly straight on. I also fitted a filter box on it and it does double duty as an air cleaner.

  8. It is unfortunate that you have to mention that before someone complains about it.

  9. Why would anyone complain about Ohio?

  10. I agree, the shirt is in line with what we all need.

  11. I’m already “back into it”. Working on upgrading the dust collection at the moment. I doubt I’ll be making 1 week projects anymore though. It’s just not what I want to do going forward and is not what benefits my business the most.

  12. Something I forgot to mention in the video is that I added garage door weatherstripping to the exterior of the garage door. This drastically cut down on the air draft that will rob energy out of your heating and cooling setup.

  13. No. Regular vacuum and filter maintenance like a household forced air setup.

  14. a bit of insulation in the attic should be pretty inexpensive. walls can be filled with blown insulation too. Could cut the $50 bills in half.

  15. Dual (heat/cold) Split system is definitely the way to go! And at $2600 installed is a bargain!

  16. Any plans to put insulation in the walls and ceiling to smooth out temperature swings?

  17. No complaint here! I fully support home defense.

  18. Jay…have you thought about insulating your garage?

  19. To put it another way for those unfamiliar with the climate around these parts, we have 4 full seasons here: Pre-summer, Summer, Second Summer, and Christmas.

  20. If you have no insulation in most of the walls, and the internal skin is just Gyprock/drywall/plasterboard, then removing it, insulating, and replacing will probably pay for itself in a year or three.

  21. We’re getting 45 degrees Celsius (113F) days here in Australia and I haven’t been into my w/shop for weeks because, like yours, it’s an uninsulated double garage and it’s pretty unbearable to work in.
    Thanks for the timely video.

  22. Jay,
      How has the dust affected the mini-split?  I’m currently building my shop and I’m considering a mini-split, but I’m afraid the dust will damage the unit.  Any thoughts?

  23. These units come with filters that you simply rinse out at the sink. They say to clean the filters every two weeks, but i only run mine when I’m in the garage, so I don’t need to clean them that often.

  24. Apparently they have conquered the land all the way down to Mississippi. :-p

  25. Thanks for the information, I think I will install one. The dust problem was the only thing holding me back.

  26. I have one also. I Love it!! I’m in south Louisiana. Shop is 30′ x 30′ 9′ ceilings.

  27. Cole Dunlay I haven’t had any trouble. I wash the filters and vacuum the inside unit from time to time.

  28. Plz lol I live on the coast of south Texas we have been in the 90’s twice in the last week with 85%+ humidity, yall dont know heat lol 😛 JK anything over 75F with 75%+ humidity is miserable.

  29. oh no, a propane heater in a wood working shop…… Moister content is vastly increased. big no no up here in canada land. Your wood swells to much

  30. Good point Tom. I would have thought a wood heater would be a no-brainer.

  31. Thanks Jay. I am installing a mrcool 18000 btu mini split in my Nashville garage shop next week. I very much look forward to getting all of that nasty humidity out of the shop.

  32. how did you determine 18k BTU for cooling? based off most websites they recommend about 10k BTU for 400 sq ft and 10% more if lots of windows or otherwise?

  33. My ceiling is 10′ tall. Most ratings are for 8′. And I don’t have insulation in my walls. It was $100 difference for 12k BTU vs 18k. I’d rather go on the safe side then spend the money and it not keep up with the space.

  34. Thank you for the help.

  35. Hi, I’m an amateur radio operator. Do you know how much noise and RFI these units give off? I’m hoping they don’t interfere with my equipment. Thanks.

  36. I love the tshirt!!!!

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