workbench top

WARNING :sounds and volume may vary to the fact I was just learning to edit. Had a bit of a hard time with the biscuit joiner but was able to overcome the challenge. I will post an update when I doe the vise and dog holes. i'd like to thank Saen Rabino for a great explanation on the sled check out his channel. Also the wood whisperer and Matthew Cremona have a good video as well

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Updated: December 21, 2016 — 7:01 pm



    Super cool…high five on this killer workbench!!!

  2. Vintage Wood Workshop

    Turned out great, Frank! I had some trouble with my biscuit joiner
    too…didn’t realize I was cutting at an angle…hopefully I’ll remember
    next time. Take care brother!

  3. you are too kind thank you


    It really came out great! I’m in rest mode today…beat from handy jobs..It
    feels good to kick back and watch vids…

  5. Really nice work, looks very sturdy.

  6. Sturdy it is. and it holds a lot of stuff too. Thank you

  7. Some solid ideas there my friend, those tracks could prove quite useful!

  8. For the love of god, if you’re going to slap music in your videos, adjust
    the volume to match your voice. It’s editing 101.

  9. Super cool and solid. Thank you for your time making this vid. Mistakes do
    happen and the best part is you fixed it. Great job. I love it.

  10. Thank you for watching. Ya i make mistakes all the time but luckily I’m a
    problem solver and usually make it work out. Sometimes you just have to
    step back and breath lol and see what are your choices. Even pro’s make

  11. Great project Frank. It’s always good to see it warts and all. Makes me
    feel better about the mistakes I do anyway. 😀👍

  12. Thank you. You know as well as I do no one is perfect especially me lol

  13. That little router you used looks like a MASTERGRIP router i have. I like
    the design a lot. But if the bit comes loose then that’s a real issue.

    Anyway, can you confirm it’s a MASTERGRIP?


  14. It’s actually a Master-craft sold here at Canadian tire stores. Could be
    the same company.The little one works great the bigger one i used that’s
    the one the bit got loose on. Very dangerous don’t think i’ll use bigger
    than 3/4 bits on that one anymore.Thank you for watching. Need to get more
    woodworking projects out. So many to edit.

  15. nice work. i use surface jointer or thickness planner for tops like that
    before fastening

  16. I love how honest this man

  17. Thank you

  18. Loose the awful music.

  19. I like what you did and it’s nice to see that i’m not the onely one who has
    to figure out how to fix my nono. The onely thing i don’t like his that
    when you thalk the sound is low and i turn it up and then you put some
    music so loud my brain would shake if i had one. I am please with your
    videos you show wath’s important and don’t bore us. I am a fan.

  20. Thank you still working out the kinks on editing ill get it one day

  21. Johannes “Pez” Christensen

    no real preference for me, and I really liked the track you used in this
    vid, really good!
    and I’m sick of people hating in the comment section here on YouTube, like
    you said, its a learning curve, people expect professional level editing
    from every new youtuber the’re gonna have a bad time 😉
    Keep up the good work and use the music YOU want to use, if it don’t suite
    some people then, well, not your problem, they can always turn the volume
    P.S. I would really like to know what music you used in this video, I cant
    find it anywhere.

  22. Everyone has different tastes and I can’t please everyone. If I could it
    would be classical rock and country music but you-tube is strict on using
    other peoples music. What kind would you prefer and I’ll try for the next

  23. Sorry that was for Michael jones

  24. +Franks DIY Having worked in the past in the media business, you should
    never let your music dominate your message. The volume was too loud, that’s
    why they call it background music. Volume low and in the background. You’re
    selling an idea about a product or project, not starting a rock band.

  25. Thank you for the input. I just acquired a new editing program and
    hopefully i can work better with this. I agree with you but I’m still
    learning and i did try to do that but not sure on how at the time.Thank you
    for watching

  26. va plus vite

  27. Thank you for watching . What do you mean bi saying go faster ?.I’m
    assuming that’s what you said in french ?

  28. I enjoyed watching your video but I might make one suggestion. Leave the
    music out or at least make the volume the same as your vocal. I had to keep
    lowering and raising the volume on my computer. That music is horrendously
    loud. Sorry but that is just my suggestion based on my own opinion. But,
    with that said, the video was otherwise enjoyable.

  29. Me too guy. I’m glad to see that someone else had the same problem. I wear
    hearing aids and the loud music was enough to drive me to drink. Or

  30. Thank you for the input still learning how to edit. Thanks for watching and
    ill try to do better editing on the next one

  31. Bel lavoro amico. Bravo !! 👏👏

  32. I liked it. You did not edit the errors making it more realistic. thanks
    I am currently building a shop countertop with eight foot 2X4’s. I using a
    biscuit joiner too.

  33. Love to see it when you are done. Post it on facebook.

  34. Thank you Giancarlo

  35. Проект Взаимопомощи

    Yeah! Great idea jerking volume control back and forth every minute.

  36. Thank you for watching . If you had read the comments you would see that
    that has been covered.When I made this I was still learning how to edit.

  37. Проект Взаимопомощи

    +Franks DIY Ok. Sorry

  38. No problem I’m actually getting better with editing lol. Bought a new
    program and all

  39. Проект Взаимопомощи

    +Franks DIY That’s good! Looking forward for new improved videos!

  40. I love the fact you show your mistakes. Well made video which help
    highlight that not every youtuber is Norm Abram. Subscriber here from the
    UK. Keep up the vids :)

  41. Thank you so much. Your nice comments make a difference. Yes everything
    does not go smooth all the time. Actually hardly ever ha ha

  42. Franks DIY Frank, thanks for sharing your project. I am in the process of
    building an outfeed table and was looking for ideas for the top. While I
    like your use of readily available materials, I was wondering if a layer of
    MDF and then a laminated sheet (both 3/4″) wouldn’t be as stable? Of
    course, I would have to reconsider if I decide to add in the tracks, what
    depth are they? Lastly, your router mount, is that a self-made jig or one
    specifically for that brand? Again, great work!

  43. I think that is a great idea. After using it for a while the 2×4 material
    is a bit soft for me. Next top will be MDF and then a laminated sheet. and
    you can cut the laminated sheet to fit the tracks as well.Even though I
    spent a long time leveling the table. MDF and then a laminated sheet is
    much more of a flat surface. I’m learning as I go.Thank you for watching

  44. Once the damage by the router bit happened, I would have turned the top
    over and started again, the underneath won’t matter

  45. Patrick Ziemann-Gimmel

    Thanks for sharing. I like that you left mistakes 😉 What coating did you
    use for the top?

  46. Minwax 3.78 L Super Fast Drying Clear Semi-Gloss Polyurethane.
    Thank you for watching

  47. That was a thought. After taking some measurements it couldn’t of happen at
    a perfect spot. It just worked out this time .
    Thank you for watching

  48. I am looking for a harder stronger finish to put on it. If you have any
    suggestions It would be appreciated, Than you

  49. It’s better to make mistakes than to not do it at all. :-)

  50. That is a great saying my friend. Thank you for watching

  51. Patrick Ziemann-Gimmel

    Thanks Frank, no I don’t

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