Workbench Holdfasts – How To Increase Grip For Woodworking

Traditional Holdfasts – the most versatile clamp a woodworker could hope for. But do you trouble getting them to hold in your thick workbench top? Try this quick and simple tip to improve the holding power and add multiple clamping options to your workbench.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this old method, I need to make for my shop and put it
    to use today.

  2. OMG. I have several hold-fasts, this will help a great deal. Thank you
    for sharing.

  3. Please tell me what is the name of that song? it’s really nice!

  4. You smaht ! I like to see a picture of that extremely thick bench.

  5. horrev wah to you too, buddy!

  6. That’s a really good trick. Thank you for this video!

  7. Thank you so much. I just bought a couple of holdfasts and they just
    wouldn’t grip in the 9cm (3 1/2in) thick table top.
    I even sanded them along the lenght with 80 grit sandpaper (and it only
    helped a bit), so I’ll try this method.

  8. ouhreefhuwhaarr is tha’ how ye write au revoir ? thanks a lot anyway for
    your great posts !

  9. It worked great! Thank you. My holdfasts stopped working completely after
    the holes in my 4″ thick bench got a bit oily. They now work perfectly

  10. Brilliant! Thank you

  11. Thanks for the info.

  12. whats the music Richard?

  13. Thanks for this important tip!

  14. 2:14 “I can pick the bloody bench up” lol Nice,
    keep up the great work.

  15. duringthejourneyi


  16. Hey Richard, do you forge your own holdfasts?

  17. Thanks for a great tip. By the way, who is the female vocalist in your
    background music? Great video, nice quality.

  18. What music is it please ??? The singing…..what artist??

  19. Basically you’re making a rasp out of the shaft of the holdfast…kinda..

  20. I like your ideas! and I wondered what breed of dog that was in the
    workbench video. Cheers from your DVM across the pond.

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