Woodworking Tools & Tips : How to Use a Table Saw As a Jointer

If you don't have an actual jointer, a table saw can be used to accomplish the same thing. Use a table saw as a jointer with help from a lifelong woodworker in this free video clip.

Expert: Clyde Mosley
Bio: Clyde Mosley has worked with wood almost his entire life.
Filmmaker: Nate Berry

Series Description: A wide variety of different tools are used in woodworking depending on exactly what it is you're trying to do. Learn about woodworking tools and tips with help from a lifelong woodworker in this free video series.


  1. Thanks for your knowledge. I was wondering why don´t use a table saw as a
    jointer, but now you gave me the correct answer. 

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  3. I’m confused. If the wood is bowed, you do not have a strait edge to place
    against the fence. How is this using the table saw as a jointer?

  4. xWhyNotProductionsx

    Many times the edges are quite straight but with aged or rounded corners.

  5. I love this guy. Long sleeves, old butcher shirt over long sleeves, doesn’t
    measure fence he just moved, stands right in the middle of the kickback
    zone, no push stick, just run that hand right past the blade. Don’t give a
    F. Haha.

  6. Izzy Swan has a channel on youtube with an easy solution for the problem
    you proposed.

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