Woodworking Tools: Power Tools – How to Set Up A Spray Gun

Woodworking Tools: Power Tools – George Vondriska provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup a spray gun to optimize its performance. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  1. I know but I bought mine at knivescorp (dot) com

  2. yes you can. the gun has a regulator. he was turning it in the beginning of
    the video. cheers.

  3. you might as well hang a toilet on the bottom of that setup lol

  4. Hi George, thanks you for the video. Now, if I get to the optimize pressure
    that spray out the same amount of material throughout, should I sneak pass
    that pressure a few pounds just to keep the material well atomized? Beside
    over-spray is there any problem? How about if my gun under the ideal psi?

  5. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

    I definitely would not exceed the air pressure the gun is designed for.
    That can damage the gun. Go through the procedure for setting the gun up,
    and stick with those settings. If it’s under pressurized that’s ok, as long
    as the finish sprays nicely.

  6. well this video was a total waste of my time

  7. how old is that air regulator???? 

  8. where did this guy learn to use a spray gun??? every thing is wrong!! 

  9. Never in my life have I seen a air leak like that.

  10. do you still use the lacquer to also test spray, or use the water before
    spraying lacquer? if so, wont the water left in the gun mess up the
    lacquer? thanks

  11. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

    Test spraying should be done with the finish you’ll actually be using. We
    only used water in the video so I wouldn’t have to wear a mask.

  12. my lacquer is leaking through the bottom of the canister thread, does that
    mean i have to use teflon tape there too? everywhere there is thread should
    I tape wit teflon?

  13. jew

  14. What a drip

  15. I thought this technique for car painting :)

  16. this is crap, who taught you this, the same guy who sold you that
    regulator. sorry to complain but you wont help anyone with this info. 

  17. That’s crazy, set the pressure required by the mfg., and then adjust the
    fan, and amount of paint. And water doesn’t spray worth crap threw a paint
    gun, so that’s silly.

  18. Why would u want drips

  19. Not useful.

  20. This is a demo on how to set up a spray gun for any liquid you may be
    spraying. As with anything else if you don’t like his method, then choose
    another. Thanks for video, I can figure out the rest.

  21. he doesn’t want drips, by testing using this method it allows him to see
    that it is spraying evenly across the fan meaning when he paints it will be
    an even coat of paint over the whole piece.

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