Woodworking Tools: Power Tools – A Laser Engraver in your Shop

Woodworking Tools: Power Tools – George Vondriska demonstrates how to use an Epilog laser engraver to etch text and pictures on items in your shop. A Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  1. hello! what size is it? on flat glass can be engraver? thank you!

  2. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

    The machine in this video is an Epilog Helix Laser. They make a variety of
    sizes of beds. Yes, it will engrave flat glass. 

  3. why it dont work with steal ?? 

  4. steeeeeel is to dense, you can mark it BLACK with theremark, but you need a
    100k watt laser for that….. these are mabey 50-100 

  5. Hi George, I’m very interested in starting an engraving business but I’m
    just wondering how you get customers, what is the most common
    project/interface in demand and, to put it simply, is it a way to make a
    living? Michael.

  6. how much this engraver can cost me in Canada. im interested to buy.

  7. does it do 3d?

  8. how much did you buy yours in american dollars?

  9. that is a 10 to 15k laser and yes and no to the 3d. it can cut 3d images
    inside glass (like a glass ball with a horse in it) but it is not a 3d
    printer if that’s what your asking

  10. there is a company in Quebec that sells them and they are 10-15k… do not
    go cheap and buy one from someone like full spectrum as the laser tubes
    last between 500 and 1000 hours where as the epilog ones get 25000-35000

  11. depends. how deap do you want to go? it will engrave steal just fine

  12. that’s not true at all. it comes down to how deep and how detailed you
    want. for just lettering and what not you put power to 100 and speed to 5
    and change your DPI and it will do it just fine… takes a while though BTW
    it’s a 60 watt

  13. i am interested in this machine but what ‘s that sound while running kindly
    let me know the cost of machine , Regards 

  14. @ 4:20 he says its the exhaust fan (nise)

  15. where did you get teh exhaust fan?

  16. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

    I fabricated the fan from some parts I had laying around. The blower used
    to be in a dust collector, which is why it’s such a high velocity fan. 

  17. Nice video, Whats the engraving area without a rotary attachment? 

  18. This is a great demo. Well done

  19. omg I want one of these.. totally awesome that it works on many kinds of

  20. i have this machine and work on it successfully yeah its realy awesome for
    all kind of work on wood , glass, steel ,aluminum,brass and alos on mobile

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