Woodworking Tools : How to Use a Wood Turning Lathe

In order to use a wood lathe, lock a piece of wood into the head stock and tail stock, start the tool at its slowest speed and support the tool with the blade in hand. Learn how to rotate the chisel when using a wood turning lathe with help from an experienced woodworker in this free video on woodworking tools.

Expert: Dave Trull
Contact: www.trullgallery.com/
Bio: Dave Trull has been in the woodworking business for 18 years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. Ok, but not enough information

  2. wow hes going slow, for something that’s pre rounded like that you should
    start at 600-800 and once roughed go to 1000-1500RPM.

  3. heaps faster than that 

  4. ur tool look lyke pices of crap where did u get em from a 2 dollar shop?

  5. Ehow trying to compete with Expertvilliage. Slow speed producing smoother
    cut:wrong. Tool handle against your hip:wrong. Starting a cut from the end
    of a piece: wrong. 

  6. You want to start on a slow speed, that way if the wood is out of balance
    it doesn’t fly off and kill you.

  7. Bad practice to use the cantalever unless you are trying to get to some
    awkward part of a bowl. Drop your toolrest straight into the banjo. Much
    more rigid,and gives a better finish.

  8. Its a good lil tutorial for some one who has never used a wood lathe
    before, but must say its a lil short and i prefer a bit more info regarding
    the chisels your using, but all round good vid,

  9. nice video

  10. and a melvin

  11. Oh, gosh, thanks soooo much! I had no idea what I was doing!

    breath….driks water)…..HAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. buncha wannabe pros commenting here. I would love to see everyone elses
    videos! This vid was perfect for the person who is just learning how to use
    a lathe…..who would teach a noob to jack it to 1800?

  14. EXACTLY! Finally someone with some skill and sense. Don’t worry tho, its
    just a bunch of people who work in daddys woodshop on weekends commenting

  15. that is a nice looking lathe you have there. i would like to get one so i
    could makea nice looking bar stool. i am hoping you put more videos up like
    this one. 

  16. Thanks. That was really helpful. Got my lathe yesterday

  17. after searching around for a nice introduction – this video was perfect.
    Thank you.

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