Woodworking Tool || Dangerous Large Wood Milling Works

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  1. Rootstub is good for tableplates.:)

  2. Gerhardtre Frank

  3. Gerhardt Frank

  4. luis alberto arenas


  5. غلا sara ፍቅር


  6. Hmmm,,,at 09:00+,,,riding on that thing. No, not ME!! No way,,, it’s like
    ‘nothing can go wrong because we built this and it’s mine, mine, mine…”??
    I look at something like this and see that big ol’ blade as so, so unsafe.
    What happens when it breaks and goes ape-sh^t beserk and flies around? No
    way it can hit the Operator? Really? No, I say it can. No reason this side
    of Hell to build something like this that has to be ridden. Just my
    opinion. Good luck with your contraption!! I hope you don’t lose your head!

  7. Мощьная штука.

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