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  1. it has been a while, glad you’re back!

  2. Warren Downes - One Wood

    It’s good to be back thanks

  3. Real cool idea Warren!

  4. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Thanks Nick I’m pretty happy with that one.

  5. I thought you were going to pop it out of the block and hang it from a
    chain around your neck – bling, baby! :D

  6. Warren Downes - One Wood

    +John Heisz Ha that would have made for some dope bling Dawg

  7. That was FREAKING AWESOME! Great idea!

  8. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Thanks for that it really looks cool will definitely been doing more of that

  9. Glad to see you back at it! Was missing your vids.

  10. Hi, wonderful looking workshop and skills. I recently bought a narrow
    wooden bangle bracelet that has silver or some alloy used in Bali inlaid in
    a very fine design. When I got home and looked more carefully, a portion of
    the inlay is missing, I think never completed. How can I get some solder to
    stick in a very narrow and shallow groove, probably no wider than a 22
    gauge wire, without spilling all over the rest of the bangle?
    I don’t know how to upload a photo here to be more specific but the inlay
    is just really like a hairline design. Is it do-able?

  11. please tell me you used a lead free solder…

  12. Positive couple. Позитивная парочка.

    +BarbaraL Lowell he is a great master

  13. Hi. Just wondering what the flexible vacuum hose is on your cnc? Where do
    you buy that? Cheers, good video!

  14. +EshanessAl Hi its a hose from a home ducted vacuum system, you can get it
    from most big box hardware stores or a Vacuum cleaner store.

  15. Thumbs up & Subbed! Looking forward to seeing ALL Your videos! Have A Super
    Week!….. Gus

  16. Warren Downes - One Wood

    +TheWoodWerker really appreciate that thanks Gus

  17. would i be able to pull that solder logo out of the wood?
    (Maybe make a small one and put it on a necklace)

  18. Warren Downes - One Wood

    +Axomite that would make some cool bling

  19. how much does that machine cost?

  20. Warren Downes - One Wood

    +monique hodgson hi Monique if you go to the inventables website they have
    the pricing. There are a couple of models to choose from

  21. what kinde of solder are you using?? and do i need to remove it from the
    wood and add some glue to make it stay in the wood??

  22. Warren Downes - One Wood

    You can use any solder without flux, i used plumbing solder. Some solders
    do contain lead so just take the appropriate precautions with the dust. No
    need for glue mine is stuck fast and i use it everyday as a drink coaster.
    You could also use a knife to undercut around the bottom of the hole.

  23. hmm okay thanks
    seems like a super easy way to make a lay 😛
    do you think this cut be sandet to a blank surface ?

  24. I did something very similar to this in Junior High School art class back
    in the 1970’s, however I used pewter instead of solder. The pewter was
    melted in a crucible and poured into the oak backing. The results were
    stunning! The pewter tarnishes much slower than the solder and has a richer
    look to it. At the same time, I experimented with using slivers of wood
    (cut from a 2×4) and embedding them in pewter jewelry medallions which were
    cast in plaster of Paris. I still have at least one of the medallions, but
    the oak and pewter was melted won after being displayed in an art show.
    Pewter was a bit pricey for a student!

    I had a very progressive art teacher. Thank you Mr Ventling!. You Rock!

  25. Warren Downes - One Wood

    +Millard Mier ahh that’s similar to how I got the idea I saw someone
    pouring a pewter mould to make jewellery

  26. That is crazy,Is it ok if I make this in my class? But If I do I will use
    Copper or something. Keep up the crazy work.! Subscribing 100%.

  27. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Sure go for it, glad you enjoyed the video.

  28. I don’t have a belt sander I have a palm sander. would that work fine?

  29. +Warren Downes – One Wood sir, using just a palm sander what grit should I
    use to start?

  30. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Start with 120 but if that seems to slow you could use 80 to get the solder
    down first.

  31. +Warren Downes – One Wood ty very much

  32. what type of solder do you use?

  33. Warren Downes - One Wood

    I used plumbing solder that has no flux, some types have lead so just make
    sure you wear a respirator when sanding.

  34. sorry to bother you again. what grit did you use on the belt sander

  35. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Its no bother, i think it was 80 or 120, you can go to a finer grit after
    that like 180 or 240 to give it a smooth finish.

  36. I was thinking what about working with a easier metal like gallium. melts
    and you can touch it wile it cools.

  37. have you tryed any other?

  38. Warren Downes - One Wood

    I have only tried the solder as its readily available but other metals
    could work well.

  39. Can you polish the solder inlay with Dremel polish

  40. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Hi David, i have not tried it but looking at it i would say it would work
    for sure.

  41. thank you again brother

  42. It helps if you undercut your hole so your metal inlay doesn’t pop out.
    It’s also easier, faster and probably cheaper to melt a bar of pewter in a
    crucible and pour it over the inlay than melting drops of soldier.

  43. Cool. I’m off to make a crib for my newborn now with lead based solder. :D

  44. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Use lead free solder or Pewter 🙂

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