Woodworking, The Samurai Workbench

A once in a lifetime woodworking project. It was one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life. There is nothing I can't build now. I used Maple(top,trestles), Walnut(contrasting pieces), Garry Oak(legs)and Red Oak(vises).

Get the plans here:

Vice Hardware:


  1. Amazing video. One doesn’t usually get to watch an artist in this way. Only
    one problem, how can you bring yourself to actually do work on this bench?

  2. maybe build two 😋

  3. i saw your video for .. 6. times? you are unveleiable. respect man

  4. That’s exactly what I was going to say. If I forced myself to use it, I’d
    be more concerned with marring the bench than my work piece.

  5. He really is a Samurai

  6. I was just about to post the same thing. I would be terrified to build
    anything on it! My current workbench has more errant screw holes, saw blade
    gouges, and paint marks than I can count. It looks more like the power tool
    test bench at Home Depot.

  7. It’d be an insult not to use it!

  8. Best bench I’ve ever seen. Wish I could do it…

  9. whether you think you can or you think you cant your right

  10. Wow, you’re piece of work is actually a piece of art. Very relaxing to
    watch that workbench being made. Amazing to see no screws or nails being
    used. Very few people have your skills and knowledge. Thanks for sharing!

  11. wht kind of software. u use 4 tht awesome 3ds sketch

  12. The Samurai Carpenter


  13. dat glue doe

  14. curious to know how much this piece cost you to build. looks like 2-3K to

  15. The Samurai Carpenter

    $1700. But that is because hardwood is very expensive where I live. It’s
    much cheaper out east.

  16. No Filler Words Productions

    Exactly. Life is too short to just have possessions that own you

  17. This is absolutely one of the nicest work benches I’ve ever seen. A lot of
    heart went into that one.

    I built one out of pine, very serviceable but very rudimentary, a variation
    of Jord’s bench. It was one of my first builds, but I think my skills have
    some more work to do before I spend some money on quality hardwoods to do
    my next bench. When I do, I will certainly want to incorporate many of
    these design features… Very well done man.

  18. A beautiful bench ,very skillfully done, a great accomplishment,and a
    pleasure to watch the assembly

  19. There are no words. I was particularly impressed by that sliding holdfast
    piece, that was some excellent joinery.

  20. Now that you’ve been using it for a little while, anything you would do

    Great work!

  21. I don´t think there is much to improve. That design is older than you and
    me. My granddad used to have one like this and when I apprenticed (Is this
    the right term? sorry, I´m German) to become a carpenter, every bench there
    was like this one here.

  22. amazing work i have worked with wood for 50 years and am continualy amazed
    at what you can do with this amazing material

  23. That is way too nice for a workbench, I’d be too scared of scratching it.
    It’s a piece of furniture. A crafted piece at that. Nice.

  24. This is Amazing!

  25. Christian J. Jeppesen

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  26. damn, Ikea went to some next level bullsh** with this one.

  27. love to see you build an old school rowing boat with mixed timbers..

  28. this is so good i want to cry

  29. Samurai! I bought the plans for your bench but I noticed some dimensions
    are missing. For example the holes in the bench top are completely omitted
    from the drawings. Also there is no tolerances listed. I don’t know if I
    scraped a part or not for example if one part is 1/32 to short I don’t know
    until I’m finished if it will still work. Also on the sliding deadman slide
    piece there are no angles listed, this part is difficult to make as it is,
    I need all the help I can get.

  30. eugene baylon jaceldo

    loved this video.

  31. Just beautiful. Your kid’s, kid’s will have that and will remember that
    their great grand dad made it by hand. My pop was a master carpenter.
    Making my bench to leave my grandson is on my bucket list. So glad I found
    your channel.

  32. Samurai great build I always enjoy your videos and the passion you put into

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