Woodworking Projects – Scrap Wood Projects

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Woodworking Projects – Scrap Wood Projects
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Woodworking projects & videos : arts & crafts coffee table.

This video is about choosing lumber for some of your woodworking projects.

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  1. Great little box with a lot of joinery techniques. very inspiring little project.

  2. Nice box! Can you tell me what type of blade you use on your saw? I am currently using a thin kerf blade with alternating teeth, so I cannot use my table saw for joinery. Thank you!

  3. Great video thought provoking, given me ideas to go forward. thank you for posting….

  4. niceeeeeeeee

  5. I could have enjoyed the video, had it not been for that link to those EVIL 16000 crap garbage sh*t scoff dirt useless ripoff dung PLANS. Why would you associate with this nonsense!

  6. don’t steal other peoples’ videos

  7. Really nice job…. FYI the plans link goes to that Ted’s woodworking projects..didn’t know if you knew.

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