Woodworking: Power Tools – Why You Need a Scroll Saw

Woodworking: Power Tools – George Vondriska shows some of the types of projects you can do on a scroll saw and demonstrates how to use a scroll saw. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. For more woodworking videos, please visit www.wwgoa.com!


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  2. Mafasouvious Tombs

    I need to get more clamps!! You have a TON!

  3. Hay just the job for me :-)

  4. Awesome video. Gave me good information. I need one. Thanks for such an
    informative video.

  5. i watched one of your other videos and you were using a ps. How do they
    compare to excalibur?

  6. Corin Gatwood - The Urban Redneck

    +wittlescwappy megalon You like the brand?

  7. I’m taking woodshop and this video gave me an a+ on my project

  8. +Richard Giron Carved out a wooden penis?

  9. I have been doing scroll saw work for over thirty years. A little over two
    years ago I purchased the EX 30 scroll saw like the one pictured but I have
    a thirty inch throat. It is the best saw I have ever owned by far. In the
    past a scroll saw would last me about a year and a half to two years and
    then something would break and on cheaper saws you cant find replacement
    parts. Not the case with an Excalibur saw. It is excellent. I have had no
    problems with it, but if I were to I can get replacement parts. Keep
    Scrolling, its great.

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  14. I use my scroll saw all the time. It takes time and patience, but the
    versatility is amazing. The more I use it, the more I realize how valuable
    it is in my shop.

  15. I am trying to cut a shape with curves (no piercings) out of a piece of
    pine 12″x12″x3/4″. One of the curves is half of a circle that would have a
    diameter of 2 1/2″. That is the tightest curve.

    Would it be more appropriate to use a scroll saw or a jig saw for this kind
    of work? Thanks.

  16. Oruc Kenan Yildirim

    Thank you for all the information.

  17. hi, could you tell me why my pin blade is going off to the right,as the
    tension is right up and i’ve used it on soft wood and hardboard only from
    2mm to 25mm thick. any help would be great….

  18. WoodWorkers Guild Of America

    Hi, David. Thank you for your question. Can you provide a little more
    detail about what you are experiencing? is the blade flexing? Is it
    shifting so that you have to make constant adjustments to track to a line?
    Is the problem happening consistently on hard/soft, and thick/thin woods?
    Is the problem new or has the saw always done this? Do you have experience
    on other scroll saws, and this one is exhibiting behavior that other saws
    have not? A picture(good) or video (better) might help if you are able to
    provide one.

  19. It’s smooth like butter and silk and fresh from the teet milk with a fine
    action like a sewing machine.

  20. so basically its a “sewing” machine for men ? xD

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  22. ChocoboRydr Why men? I’ve used one and would use ot again

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