Woodworking – Laguna Tools Shaper Tools – 45 degree Locking Miter

Even the finest machines will only work their best when outfitted with the finest tooling. Laguna Tools Woodworking is proud to offer a comprehensive range of shaper tooling to accommodate any need. Our line of insert-knife shaper tooling is the perfect choice to maximize the output and profitability of your shop while improving the quality of your products. The all-steel construction of the tooling body along with the carbide insert knifes provide a chatter-free cut while producing a superior finish. Our tooling is suitable for shapers, moulders, tenoners, door machines, and other spindle machines and is quite simply the finest shaper tooling in the world.

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  1. Just clicked on the link provided and couldn’t find this product. I’m fact
    I couldn’t find anything remotely shaper related. 

  2. Please visit our shaper section on our website at
    http://www.lagunatools.com/shapers. Thank you.

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