Woodworking – Laguna Tools Bandsaw – How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade

Laguna Tools customer service representative Jeff shows two different versions of how to fold a bandsaw blade.

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  1. this I gotta learn. My Pop showed me and I could do it. Now it’s hit or
    miss. I am going to master this… thanks

  2. Word of advice, watch out for nails in wood. It will dull out your resaw
    king in a split second.

  3. Thanks Jeff! You saved my other fingers. The one handed method is easier.

  4. Thank you. I have large (123″ and 168″) open blades hanging all over the
    shop because I could never get them folded. They always got the best of me.
    Now I get it!

  5. Thanks so helpfull.

  6. You are awesome thanks for taking the time to post this. Method 2 was the
    ticket for me but I would never have done this without your contribution to
    the internet 

  7. gracias eres muy amable!!!

  8. ok, I just spent 10 minutes in my garage trying to fold a bandsaw blade,
    and thanks to your vid I did it in 15 seconds using method 2. I’ll bet you
    go home at night, and your wife has no inkling just how awesome you are.
    Point out this post, and have her cook you a steak.

  9. sweet thanks mate i mastered it now i have a tidy workshop plus i look
    awesome for the girls when i do it LOL 

  10. I’ve always managed to get blades “folded” but never as easily as your
    Method 2… you rock buddy! Now I’m a foldin’ foo!

  11. I guess I need to go and practice or get my wife to do it!

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