Woodworking, Japanese Hand Plane, Unbelievable Shavings!

Leave it to the Japanese to inspire art in every human activity. A finely tuned tool makes even the most tedious tasks pleasant.

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  1. It would be cool to see a slice under a microscope.

  2. Boberto bedzieszcierpiau

    +Anthony Kiefer i tough exactly the same, especially in dark field… 🙂

  3. I watch this when I have a stressful day in my day job. So like everyday

  4. +Dema’s WoodShop DIdo.

  5. did he kiss the wood? 0:22

  6. +cjoemex I think he was smelling the fresh cedar 😀

  7. Looks like shavings of a very hard cheese. Yum.

  8. That’s awesome! I would love to see a section under a microscope.

  9. scratched his nose.

  10. Brotherhood of Steel

    He dabbed.

  11. Mikhail Galatinov

    Market the shavings as “All Natural Toilet Paper” for people nature lovers.

  12. Can anyone think of a use for those fine shavings? There must be an art
    form to suit, something like lampshades or screens.

  13. what wood you use for this presentation?

  14. The Samurai Carpenter

    yellow cedar

  15. Nicholas Gajewski


  16. hi, where did you buy it?

  17. The Samurai Carpenter

    Ebay. Seller called japanblades.

  18. should try weaving them into a plate, dip it into a 2 part epoxy and see
    how strong it is.

  19. how would oak look like?
    with all the pores and stuff

  20. What wood did you use for this amazing penetration? And what do you do with
    those thin strips of wood?

  21. Amazing video really liking your channel

  22. михаил бонч-бруевич

    i’m in doubt about this video… there is many types of wood

  23. Just imagine how much money you’d make selling scented shavings like that!?
    Maybe look up something that is bug repellent…
    Back on point that is a nice tool!

  24. Peter Brown, you have a challenge!

  25. Are you paying $140 for the blade, or the block of wood the blade sits in?

  26. The Samurai Carpenter

    Neither, it’s just a random receipt I used to demonstrate the transparency
    of the shaving.

  27. Wow, wow. I wish my planes worked like that.

  28. It says in the video. Yellow cedar. The shavings aren’t typically used for
    anything, it’s just a display of how well the plane works.

  29. I like this song – who is it by?

  30. Now if I had that I would just make a ton of shavings. My old hand plane
    isn’t even close to that and I love the thing. I’m still learning but it
    fascinates me. If I had that one and the wood it would end up 1/4 inch
    thick when I stopped making shavings. Very cool

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