Woodworking Information : How to Setup a Wood Shop

When setting up a wood shop, organize woodworking tools, such as table saws, drill presses and sanders, to make room for large boards of wood. Keep a wood shop functional and safe by keeping tools organized with the help of this free video from an award-winning woodworker on basic carpentry.

Expert: Kent Perdue
Bio: Kent Perdue is a senior in the furniture-making program at VCU, and has received many scholarships and awards for his work. Perdue sells his work at various furniture stores in Richmond, Va.
Filmmaker: nate thompson


  1. good advice for nubbies……….you never heard of mafell tools or

  2. good advice for nubbies……….you never heard of mafell tools or

  3. lmao, nice school puffft

  4. my woodshop is in my basement

  5. @grayngreen I thought he said “Radial”… which is what it is.

  6. @MillyVanillification We’ve done it both ways in our shops. We gutted an
    old hay barn about 36 x 48 and put our shop in there. We bought the dust
    collection system at auction from the local high school… 60hp baby! With
    the wooden floor it’s a much cleaner and neater look running the duct work
    below the deck and out of the shop. We moved to a 10,000 sq. foot facility
    with concrete floors… no such luck goin under the floor lol, but the
    industrial look was pretty cool.

  7. lol…”radio” arm saw… “Stroll” saw…that there some subtitle goodness

  8. See what you think of mine its a Domestic type workshop one we all might
    have Video called “The Almond Bank Workshop” by dmgladden

  9. Looks like a great video, I just can’t here what is being said… 

  10. Change your T Shirt for atleast once, Ben10

  11. Really amazing videos, I’d like to take a vacation to work in your shop
    (volunteer), you are very passionate about your profession and
    knowledgeable :-))) Green T-shirt is your trade mark!!

  12. Summers Woodworking

    Cannot hear you 

  13. Agree 100%, but sometimes guards just get in the way. Like im 18 and been
    in woodworking for 10 years, when i got into grade 11 woodworking at school
    they introduced fixed safety guards for drill presses and routers. More
    people got hurt with these stupid guards then without them, and table saw
    guards , i just straight up hate them, ill ditch the guard and keep the
    riving knife on. Its all in the user not the machine. 

  14. from Canada:
    …hmm…clamps, chisels, ROUTER [table] , 17″+ drillpress and bit Index…
    blades inventory, Glue, stain, oil, Sandpaper inventory…sinkEmergency
    Plans and Drafting board blackboard station…small hardware millDrill…
    oh well…..great Unisaw you have…..
    thx: DS

  15. +Laurie Fouts Rieman ..in Northern Canada…..you are on your own….
    ..it’s like Siberia……I even built, balanced Blueprinted engines to 514″
    …with almost nothing….spoiled [ Americans ] with their zillion dollar
    options, still know ‘nothing’..
    …IF you want to see real woodwork….punch up some European Castles
    etc…..and that was before any power tools at all…..
    …” Whatever Happened to White Men “….THANKS AMERICA..

  16. ….yes…I have bodybuilded for many years…..
    …OH!…you meant ‘ the wood’ !

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  18. Borislav Poltarakin

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  21. Can’t hear you half the time. But it looks nice.

  22. Evelyn was the one who told me to google Woody Hyezmar. And yes, the
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