Woodworking – How to Adjust for Band Saw Blade Drift – Workshop Techniques

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Woodworking – how to adjust for band saw blade drift YouTube video for workshop techniques & skills. A woodworking online video shows how to adjust for band saw blade drift. Learn a band saw skill & method to correct for band saw blade drift.

This YouTube how to video provides you with the woodworking information necessary to make straight cuts on the band saw. Watch how to adjust for blade drift in the woodworking video clips.

Ripping thin strips of wood veneer is made easy when the angle of the bandsaw blade's drift is known. This woodworking video demonstrates how to find the "drift" angle and also how to setup the fence so that uniform thin strips can be easily made on the band saw.

For more woodworking online information to learn about how to adjust for band saw blade drift click the video link.

Be smart, work safe, and learn how to adjust for band saw blade drift!

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Bob Simmons


  1. رائع

  2. Im getting ready to buy a bandsaw soon and have been trying to figure out
    the best way to deal with the drift….Because of your video I have the

  3. Great information and to the point! What factors into blade drift? Does
    this work no matter what the setup is? What do you think about Alex
    Snodgrass emphatically stating that there should never be any blade drift
    if you setup your saw according to his guidelines? There’s quite a few
    people who swear by his advice.

  4. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    Factors of blade drift…Think in terms of a car that pulls to one side and
    needs a wheel alignment. Originally the wheels were aligned and the the car
    hit a pothole. The car then started pulling towards the side wheel that hit
    the pothole.

    Now, think of a new and sharp bandsaw blade. It has teeth on the left &
    right. It is cutting straight until a knot is hit. The right sides teeth
    took the hit. The cut is no longer straight as one side of the blade is
    less sharp that the other side. It’s pulling to one side creating a “drift.”

    A skilled woodworker needs to know how to properly set up the bandsaw and
    its blades. One needs to understand how to handle blade drift. I don’t know
    who Alex is. He is right in theory if you are willing to put on a new blade
    everytime a blade is nicked.. However, to get the most out of the blade you
    need to be able to correct for drift.

  5. Wonderful how you explain all the important details without words. It is
    very easy to understand. Great job….

  6. Very impressive, but bandsaw blades are cheap. If mine was cutting that far
    off I’d replace the blade in a flash. Thanks for showing how it’s done

  7. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    Thanks. The real issue is quality and not price. Not all bandsaw blades are
    of good quality. My preference is to select a quality blade so that it will
    give me a nice clean cut many times over. My focus is to perform a
    productive woodworking task on a project rather than the downtime of
    changing bandsaw blades over and over.

    Many woodworkers choose to change the bandsaw blade every time the blade
    starts to drift. That is a waste in my estimation. It is good to know how
    to set up the bandsaw and its blade for an accurate cut. However, it is
    equally important to know how to adjust for bandsaw blade drift. If a
    woodworker understands how to do both, he/she will get the most out of a
    quality blade.

  8. I congratulate, very good your video and your explanation, excuse my
    ignorance but is easier to correct the guide …?? What are the reasons
    that a cut leaf pulling one side?? thanks

  9. The Apprentice and The Journeyman


    Ramiro, please copy and paste the above link into your browser and then
    click enter. The reasons a blade will pull to one side is because that side
    of the blade has been nicked or somehow become dull. It is like driving a
    car and a front wheel hits a pothole. A drag is created and the car will
    pull to that side. Thanks for watching.

  10. What you are doing works well, but after an initial adjustment it should
    not be necessary to adjust the fence angle if the bandsaw is well tuned and
    the blade is tracking properly. It can be a little difficult to get the
    tracking just right if your BS wheels uses tires with a crown on them, but
    it is very doable using a micrometer to locate the blade exactly in the
    center. Two different ways to get a similar result.

    I liked your auxiliary fence which makes it easy to clamp to the stock
    fence without interference. A great idea!

  11. i have a porter cable bandsaw and the fence you are using, do you know if
    it will fit. 

  12. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    +Alex Gilmore Can’t say for sure.

  13. I’m trying to find the Rockler item toy used. Do you have a model number

  14. Say that again…

  15. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    +David Soudek that again.

  16. Where did you get your calipers,maker and model, I’ve been trying to find
    some like those.

  17. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    James…You can find a caliper like the one used in the video thru
    Woodcraft or even on Amazon. Look for a dial caliper on Amazon called Shop
    Fox. It is about $30 and is very adequate for our work.

  18. +The Apprentice and The Journeyman thanks I’ll check into them.checking
    .000 means math when i just need a fraction.

  19. Fantastic. Thank you SO much!! Will be doing the wedges as soon as I get
    home. :)

  20. Great demo.

  21. Why not just adjust the fence itself to the drift angle?

  22. cat cut your t##ng?

  23. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    +mtabernig I really can”t say.

  24. David Januszewski

    Is there a long-term-chance that when using different species of wood there
    will separation due to the different expansion-rates?

  25. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    +David Januszewski There is always a chance. However, consider the project
    that you are making. Is it an heirloom piece of furniture or a simply
    household item? Decide if the risk is worth it. Make sure the woods are
    dried appropriately. Experience is the best way to find out.

  26. Yeah I’d like to know too ! The wife is buying me one for my birthday !
    I went to a show and had a demo and he let me have a go. He set fence in a
    couple of seconds and no drift.

  27. Very cool

  28. impressive, thanks for sharing.

  29. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    You’re welcome Phil. Thanks for checking in.

  30. gracias amigo por tu video me va a servir de mucho saludos desde el sur del
    mundo puerto montt chile

  31. Great demo video. Thanks!

  32. The Apprentice and The Journeyman

    Glad you find it useful.

  33. Mike Ridleyb

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