1. deadly.

  2. I dont think flat is a measurement of deadliness.

  3. +nizmojoeblows or is it deadly isnt a measure of flat?

  4. Luis tío Phil Villanueva

    Wooooooaaahh!!! amazing i began make sculptures in wood two years ago,
    believe me this learning its too necessary for me, Im visual artista,
    cheers my partner .

  5. do you need a microbevel?

  6. He shaved hair off his arm without bothering to make a secondary
    microbevel. Is “razor sharp” sufficiently sharp enough?

  7. Excellent tips on sharpening – obviously worth the time. I will be checking
    in with Lee Valley to get some of those water stones and a diamond plate.
    Sharp chisels make work so much easier.

  8. The Samurai Carpenter

    Lee valley sells the atoma diamond plate but the don’t sell shapton water
    stones. You can find both on ebay for cheaper.

  9. +The Samurai Carpenter Thank you for the feedback. I will check out ebay
    for the stones.

  10. shannonandsheila1


  11. shannonandsheila1

    +rmcdaniel423 huh? a micro bevel technically would make it less sharp

  12. shannonandsheila1

    +nizmojoeblows now you are correct

  13. My stones did not include the platforms that yours apparently have. Is that
    something you made for them?

  14. nice…I have started going to 7000 grit on my stuff…

  15. I prefer oil stones, but what a great video!! You are a legend bro.

  16. You can just make them a little wooden base for them to recess into.. I’m
    sure if you work with wood you have come up with something by now 😉

  17. +The Samurai Carpenter
    tenho uns formões aqui que eram do meu avô ! raridades alguns são aço sueco
    e outros bem antigos 60 anos e também plaina de mão de mão de marca antiga

  18. Bastards at my last site jacked my belt and tools. I want a belt like
    yours! What kind is that?

  19. the demon Evils the Lord

    while watching your workbench video I was thinking to myself, I’d be happy
    just to get my tools that sharp, to say nothing about making the table.

  20. I will actually kill someone watching your videos. DEADLY FLAT
    Yeah, we got it. It’s super flat.

  21. You’re an inspiration!

  22. Back in the day! 😀

  23. very useful video. thanks from Uruguay. regards

  24. Where did you get that awesome pouch

  25. Thousands are killed every day walking on deadly flat surfaces. Flatness is
    no joke!

  26. I find that on the 5k stone my chisels skip for some reason. they seem fine
    on the 1k and 12k. not sure what I’m doing wrong. any suggestions?

  27. The Samurai Carpenter

    Yeah, the 5000 is a bit tricky. Practice, practice, practice.

  28. Great, thanks for the info.

  29. He makes it in a video, look trough the videos at his youtube channel.
    Should be a popular one.

  30. does favoriting really help? just in case I favd

  31. To knife sharpening using water…The oil is better?

  32. Thanks for the vids, Samurai dude! Excellent to see that there are still
    craftsmen who take the time, and care, to do things right. Maybe, I’ll have
    a third career.

  33. Where in canada are you located?

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