Woodworking Clamp Storage: Simple Clamp Racks

Simple shop built clamp racks for the workshop : organize and store your woodworking clamps. F-clamps, G-clamp and Sash clamps.


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  1. Dynamitemonkey500

    Can you do more blacksmithing?

  2. We need more people like Alex in the world; his Mum and Dad must be very
    proud of him.

  3. COOL !!!!

  4. on future videos were your making things you should tell us how many
    hours,days,weeks etc. it took to make them

  5. ישראל קרמר

    כול הכבוד אתה משקיע בכלים

  6. Good

  7. Leocárdia Seifert

    Congratulations, very good your videos.

  8. what kind of lathe would you recomend for a beginar i would like a table

  9. Almost any “mini lathe” you can get your hands on will be a great and
    cheapish place to start. 

  10. Hello i am also a model wood maker and i want to ask to you wich turn you
    sue to work. Wich did you buy to mode the wood have you done an industrial
    contract i do not

  11. I do not mind

  12. you should make a spinning top 

  13. terrence richard Webster

    Your verry good at what you do well done . But your voice is a pain

  14. I need to do this same thing…thanks for the tips! Also, thanks for making
    your videos shorter. When they’re long they’re a lot harder to sit down and

  15. You are awesome

  16. Traslate for portuguese, please: Vocês americanos possuem uma coisa que nós
    brasileiros não temos: preços baixos para ferramentas e uma grande
    variedade delas. Adoraria poder ter um contato aí nos EUA para poder me
    enviar ferramentas. Your workshop is beatiful!!!!

  17. You certainly have a bright future in woodworking. So young, so talented.

  18. Joshua Harley-sellers

    Hey Alex just wounded were you got our green clamps from thanks josh

  19. Tom Kirby (TornUp)

    very nice!!! although i did notice the smaller rack looks like it jumped
    over to the left more after you cut to the wider shot hehe. did they
    conflict with the plug sockets? :P

  20. You and I have an altogether different definition of an obscene number of
    clamps! I have more clamps misplaced in my shop than you have on racks. Not
    gloating, just a few years ahead of you. Nice racks.

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