Woodworking, build a Modern Table

Here is a pair of custom made Walnut Conference room tables made by the best, for the best!

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  1. Jesse de Geest,
    That is one beautiful table!
    I love the shop and teamwork!
    Thank you.

  2. that’s one amazing table thank You for sharing… ;O)

  3. That table is truly amazing.

  4. what was your training, young samurai? was it through apprenticeship or did
    you study somewhere? Thank you for the videos!

  5. Great vids. Song and artist?

  6. The Samurai Carpenter

    +Chad Burke It is royalty free music that comes with my editing program so
    it has no artist name.

  7. Looked it up. Its Thornley – All Fall Down. Keep up the good work.

  8. beautiful

  9. Makita!

  10. I am a carpenter, builder and woodworker. Your videos demonstrate nice work
    and I understand it is helpful to have a big personality if you want people
    to tune in. I find it unfortunate how arrogant and entitled you seem to be.
    Hopefully a lot of it is tongue-in-cheek, but I am afraid it is mostly you
    thinking you are better than everyone else. Too bad because the videos are
    good for the most part. Drop the artitude. I think you will get more

  11. Take it easy brother

  12. +Adco Martin
    Hey Adco, My response wasn’t directed to this video in particular so it
    might have seemed a bit out of context or a little harsh. I found the
    channel, watched the Samurai slice and dice another carpenter’s work
    (botched Spiral stair job video), then watched a few more videos where his
    attitude seemed to be quite apparent. What prompted my response to this
    video was in the description where it states, “built for the best, by the
    best.” Seems a tad arrogant to me.

  13. Fair enough. But i agree with the samurai, those spiral stairs were an
    abortion. On the other hand not many people in the world praise a carpenter
    on doing a truly excellent job so I am giving him credit where credit is
    due, he does a damn fine job.

  14. Impressive.

  15. At 0:45 you use some kind of square bit to cut the mortises. What is that
    and does that work with any ol’ drill press? or this that a some kind of
    specialty mortise cutting machine?

    I’m only a few years into my woodworking hobby but every bit of knowledge

  16. МихалЫваныч

    300 like from Russia!

  17. CommunityInspires CommunityToProsper

    Song and artist

  18. +Bryan P Its a Hollow Chisel Mortiser, a purpose built machine. See
    You can also get an attachment to suit a regular drill press, but they wont
    have the power/accuracy that the proper mortisers do. See

  19. Hey bud. Thank you, I learn something from you every single time I watch
    one of your videos. Your doing way to much positive, inspiring, creative
    work and having fun doing what you love, and literally teaching guys like
    me for there not to be some ol jealous boy out there green with envy over
    companies wanting you to represent there tools. Besides you give positives
    and negatives about the tools you use from your experience all the time
    regardless of how they came in your possession, so the time I wasted
    encouraging you not to waste another minute on them people is proficient
    enough for the both of us. I believe there’s so much greatness, yeah I said
    greatness, for the people who allow another mans words concerning himself
    puff you up to a point of passing judgement on that mans character, shows
    very little about my pal the Samurai and alot about you. Back to what I
    was saying there’s Great things ahead for you, and for me. I look forward
    to growing with you. Congratulations on the little guy. My prayers are with
    you and your family. Sincerely Eric Lay aka Samurai Student Out!

  20. +Chad Burke That's hilarious, he just happened to pick an artist from
    the GWN. Beautiful table.

  21. Dude you rock

  22. StriveFor Selflessness

    +CommunityInspires CommunityToProsper All Fall Down by Thornly

  23. StriveFor Selflessness

    +Robert Huss Fine line between arrogant and confident. Also, I don’t see
    where you get “entitled”. Seems to me you would have to know him personally
    in order to make that assessment. I may be wrong, however, I think he is
    only in his early 30’s and this is on par for that age. Have no problem
    with it as we all learn as we age. I choose to enjoy his character,
    abilities and skill at his young age. I suggest at looking at the glass
    half full.

  24. Beautiful table, but I wouldn’t call it modern.

  25. nice!

  26. 1 million like from algeria

  27. That eight leg is one beautiful table

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