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This is my version of a toolbox designed by Jeremy Broun that I saw on Youtube. ( )

go to for more details about how to build one.

For more of Jeremys' books, go to !…

I was looking for a design that allowed access to commonly used tools without having to rummage past every knife and chisel to get to the tools at the bottom.

I used 12 mm ply because that was what I had lying around. The smaller boxes are 7mm ply. The doors pivot on 6mm bolts that have been cut down and are held closed with cabinet roller catches.

I hand cut the dovetails using an ultra fine dovetail saw and a chisel after laying out the cuts with a marking knife. The only problem I had was after I dry fitted the lid pieces together, I couldn't get them apart again for the glue-up, so I left them. There's no pressure on the joint so it should hold up just fine.


  1. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Alan – I have been looking again at your development of my toolbox design.
    You really have put a lot of effort into that and now I’m worried all the
    traffic will go from my channel to yours! No, joking apart – what you have
    crammed in is impressive. I never had time to complete mine and it was
    little more than a concept. I imagine yours is quite heavy? I am planning
    doing an e-manual with plans on my toolbox. Would you mind if I used some
    of your images of how you kitted yours out. I would of course give an
    acknowledgment to you in the e-manual. Here is a sample e-book:

  2. Alans Woodworking

    Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the feed back. It’s much appreciated.I would be more
    than happy for you to use my copy as an example. I could take a few photos
    if you like. Video stills don’t always translate well.

    Yes. The box is very heavy. If I have to carry it any distance I use a
    small fold up trolley. I don’t actually load it up like I did in the video,
    that was just to demonstrate what it could carry. I want to make a couple
    of smaller ones that can carry specific tool sets such as screw driver sets

    By the way, the E Book looks great.

  3. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Yes photos would be good Alan if you can post me some jb@woodomain.com

  4. Ebeno's “Geoffrey Aulombard” WoodShop

    I like the concept :)

  5. Thanks Alan. 

  6. Very nice

  7. Awesome 🙂 

  8. Alans Woodworking

    +MouseOnFilm Thanks

  9. careful careful :D

  10. *Linda caixa de ferramentas; parabéns!*

  11. Very nice!

  12. +Ailton den tista Thanks

  13. I’m searching on portable bench intergated with toolbox. I’m thinking about
    this like toolbox but opens vertically, with some detachable vise and
    fixtures. It can be handheld or ever with lifting wheels (larger variant).
    Do you have some ideas or urls on doing this ?

  14. +Dmitry Ponyatov. I came across this recently.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnWYPkq-wYYI think Black and Decker or
    Stanley used to sell something like that, but I haven’t seen one in years.

  15. yaxşıdı

  16. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +Alans Woodworking Hello Alan. I have now launched a 30 page e-book with
    plans and detailed build instructions and included a few of the images you
    sent me to show how the toolbox can be kitted out:

  17. missing mallet

  18. +Johnphro . True, but there’s plenty of room for one.

  19. Nice!
    And I love these E.A.Berg chisels.

  20. ukurannya berapa gan??

  21. Alans Woodworking

    +Fauzi Ambia dimensi yang ditetapkan oleh panjang alat laegest saya ingin
    membawa, panel melihat

  22. very nice and neat sir! more power and project to come sir!

  23. Great !
    Maybe missing charger, but you’ve got two batteries.
    Would be bice to have a box dedicated to drill bits, no ?
    Just suggestions, this is great anyway : well done an thought out !

  24. Alans Woodworking

    +vincent7520 Thanks for the like, but the credit should go to Jeremy Broun
    who came up with the idea. I really only worked out the tools to fit on the
    doors and the rest was just a test to see what I could fit in.

  25. You could do a lot with what’s in your box! I like it very much, it’s very
    smart 🙂

  26. That box can hold a bit, the one thing I hate about your vids., they’re too
    short. : (

  27. Alans Woodworking

    The early ones certainly were

  28. nice box — how do the sides stay closed . . . they seem to snap shut on
    top, maybe a slight downward angle or magnet that I cannot see? Never can
    have too many dovetails…thanks.

  29. okay I just watched Broun’s butterfly catch solution.

  30. That is a lovely tool box and a well documented video Thanks. Can I ask why
    you have a plumbers pipe cutter in your kit??

  31. I use a bit of pvc pipe from time to time and the cutter gives the
    cleanest, most accurate cuts.

  32. Alan – great job with Jeremy Broun’s toolbox design. You really have fit a
    lot in there.

  33. Thanks. If I was doing it again, I’d make it a bit smaller as it’s very
    heavy when it’s full

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