1. A small tip. Move up the fan motor to the ceiling so you can remove the pip
    that goes down from the ceiling fan. Will provide an even better system.

  2. This doesn’t seem awful. I thought it would be. I guess I’ll be saving for
    dust collection too. lol

  3. Looking good dude! How much of a difference does not shuting the blast
    gates make?

  4. Are you going to ground your system?

  5. Did you manage to finish all this without cutting yourself on that stuff?
    It always gets me.

  6. Good looking system Brian! Thanks for the video!

  7. might want to use some sheet metal screws with that pipe…tape can give
    out over time

  8. Nice work dude. Great stuff.

  9. glad to see your shop coming back together

  10. +RBD Works thanks man. Me too!

  11. +Brian Prusa sweet. Appreciate it. Dude. How far apart are we?

  12. +donny carter absolutely man.

  13. +John McVaugh I’ll cross that bridge when I need to. I’d rather give this a
    go then constrict the flow if I don’t need to.

  14. +Kirby Weldon nope. I got one cut on the palm of my hand.

  15. +JT Woodworks I shouldn’t need to. It’s grounded to the collector.

  16. +cheesegrater I don’t know. I always shut them at each tool when I’m done
    so that there’s only one open at a time.

  17. +Nick Hinson haha. It wasn’t fun but it’s definitely worth it. Pretty cheap

  18. +Project of the day this is true but I’d mean taking apart my collector.
    I’m going to add a cyclone some day so I’ll probably do it then.

  19. how does your collector compare to the HF collector. Im guess it would
    perform similarly. What size is the impeller in your Collector?

  20. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

    What guage is that? I’ve heard stories about lightweight HVAC collapsing
    under the suction (in case you leave all the blast gates closed)

  21. The new shop looks awesome! Nice dust collection system.

  22. looks great!

  23. +Gib Clark thanks buddy

  24. +stephen konig thank you. I love it.

  25. +Wordsnwood (Art Mulder) good question. I don’t know.

  26. +Scott Kaye I’m not sure of the impeller size. I’ve never taken it apart.
    It’s also old and an off brand. I haven’t found a manual for it.

  27. that system seems to have worked very well for you. great job thanks for

  28. +Opa’s Workshop thanks for watching! Yeah it works really well.

  29. Miter Mike's Woodshop

    nice job Brian. i don’t know my final layout so i haven’t decided about the
    ducting, but your system looked pretty easy(just time) to install. just an
    fyi if you go to the big box store and get a downspout crimper you can use
    that to make crimps for connections. i hate cutting those damn things…

  30. +Miter Mike’s Woodshop yeah I saw those crimpers. They were like $50. I
    decided I could do without. Haha.

  31. Miter Mike's Woodshop

    oh you were looking in the high end section…the ones i got were like
    6.00….lol hey you did it your way and it works….

  32. +Miter Mike’s Woodshop oh damn. Yeah I would have bought them for $6.00.

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