Woodcarving “Howling Wolf” ►► Timelapse

Wood carving a howling wolf in timelapse.
More drawing, sculpting and carving timelapse – videos on my channel.

Material: Pinus cembra (Stone pine/Zirbe)
Time: 10h 10min


  1. It looks amazing! It is very detailed 🙂

  2. WOW! I won’t ever be able to do that 😛

  3. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. Amazing and fantastic talent !!!!

  6. Thank you! 😀

  7. the dislikers got so amazed that they missed the like button.

  8. Anyone else who think this is satisfying??

  9. thats why im here

  10. Historical Drama

    “Magnum Opus! Sculpture, ‘Howling Wolf’ has been complete.”
    Artistic Value: 662016
    Special Options: Anyone who sees the sculpture of, ‘Howling Wolf’ will regenerate health and mana 32% faster.
    All stats increase by 16.
    Intelligence and Wisdom increase by 3 permanently.
    Reduces mana consumption by 6%.
    Effect does not stack with other sculptures.

    Mastery of Sculpting skill increased.
    Mastery of Handicraft skill increased.
    Sculptural Comprehension skill increased by 1 level.
    Fame increased by 875.

    XDD if this is royalroad, this is the exact stat that will be given to you. I’m amazed.

  11. That’s absolutely amazing! Did you do all this within one day?

  12. This is amazing!!! You should make a how to video on this exact thing!!!

  13. Historical Drama you are so extra 👌🏼

  14. I take that as a praise, hohoho.

  15. hi amazing work just started doing wood carving and this is a big inspiration. Also do you screw in the wood block at the bottom so it doesnt move? i have trouble with keepin mine still

  16. Thanks! No I carved it every day 2 hours, because my fulltime job is in a sawmill.

  17. At the moment it is not planned to make tutorials, because i badly speak english. Maby in the future, when I learned to speak better English.

  18. Saimon Sitam Sorimpok

    wau ada kah yang lebeh hibat

  19. Whats Wrong With My Namerino Kriperino?


  20. Thank you.
    I use a carvers screw at the bottom. In the table I have holes for the screw.

  21. Coolest thing I ever seen

  22. Historical Drama wut?

  23. *There is also a cnc build guide on>>**http://woodcarvingcnc.blogspot.co.uk** >>>*

  24. Thanks.

  25. Historical Drama – Someone has been reading the legendary moonlight sculptor, manga 🤔

  26. _ AmazingWolfGirl _

    Can I buy this? I love wolves

  27. I am less than a novice at wood carving, and even i can tell that the placement & grain of wood chosen for this carving was impeccable. Was it two pieces together? Incredible work!!

  28. The Wax Lung Project

    how does this only have less than a half a million views but a video of someone making a spoon gets 8 million?

  29. The Wax Lung Project Sad ☹️

  30. Sorry.. Currently I don’t sell and take only order in Austria where I live.

  31. Thank you!
    I have glued 4 pieces of wood together, because I only had some pieces left.

  32. Because I don’t care about klicks and the algorithm has change over the years.
    I simply love to inspiring peoples and myself! 😀


    The Wax Lung Project I honk its coz he doesn’t use the natural sounds of carving the wood because that’s what the satisfaction of woodcarving is all about. You want to hear the noises but personally I believe he should have way more views!

  34. This is amazing

  35. Doesn’t matter about sound . This is far nicer than a bloody spoon .

  36. its called clickbait

  37. Thank you!

  38. AMAZING!!!! SMFH

  39. Thank you!!

  40. How long did it take you

  41. I LOVE how chunky it is!

  42. Beautiful work… I’m just starting out with carving, but I hope after a few years to have this kind of skill.

  43. I carve mostly after working in a Sawmill every day for 1-3 hours. Overall it took 10h 10min.

  44. Thank you! Practice creates masters! 😀

  45. WOOOW! Amazing work! Thank you!

  46. Thank you for watching! 🙂

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