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  1. As someone who recently finished their furniture making/woodwork degree I
    find your jigs beyond inspirational and incredibly genius. An absolute
    inspiration that I will love to mimic and will send anyone who asks towards
    your youtube channel.
    The idea behind these jigs/machines is so simple, yet so complex and
    awesome at the same time.

  2. Folks, this guy Matthias Wandel is the best engineer genius on this planet.
    The best of the best.
    This guy is the lord of the woodworking and physics, etc.

    Great, i feel so dumb now.

  3. Hi Matthias, I love your videos, and check your site from time to time, I
    have one sugestion for you router copy machine, You my have thought of it
    already, place your parrern and work peice on lazy suzans that are
    connected with your woodgears.

  4. +dirtdiger2 Yes, and keep having to explain why that’s a bad idea.

  5. should paint the resaw fence cyan. :D

  6. Hi Matthias I’ve just got a old all cast iron bandsaw and all the dust
    falls out of the bottom like your bandsaw because it is all in cased not
    like your 14 inch bandsaw

  7. Habst su schon Uhr aus Holz gemacht?! das wäre schön

  8. +dirtdiger2 Rekt.

  9. Do another

  10. 18:30 i see the dice!

  11. +Brian Petty Also add a red strobe on it! 😉

  12. Roller Coaster Maniac

    your planers sound like my grandmas very old vacuum cleaner… its that
    loud too!

  13. Very nice wood shop

  14. I’m a huge fan. You’re an excellent craftsman and even better educator. Way
    to go!

  15. Олександр Хоменко

    Молодець, гарна майстерня. Видно, що любите свою справу. Слава Україні.

  16. blindhowlingdrunk

    Nice to have all the machines on wheels like that. you should wear roller
    skates while working too! What could possibly go wrong?

  17. Novice Woodworking

    I`m making my own workshop, how big should a drill press be, I’m
    considering getting an 8 inch one, is that big enough?

  18. Novice Woodworking

    My delta strip sander cost me 15 dollars

  19. depends on what you’ll be doing


  21. Hi Matthias. I always watch your videos and I think you’re a genius. Have
    you ever built a violin, cello or something like that? I think a saw two
    volutes on your shelf.

  22. machines on machines on machines!

  23. Respect!!!! It must be difficult to have to run what is literally a hand
    made shop and film these videos at the same time

  24. Lighting truly is keyi! Hat’s off to you Matthias! you ARE an INSPIRATION!

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