1. So that is how they make the tops for Epiphone Les Pauls

  2. It takes several hours of honing and adjustment to make the plane cut this

  3. OMG

  4. Finally, I’ve reached the last page of the internet.

  5. +Tony Alexander Your work is done grasshopper. Go forth and spread your
    wisdom 😉

  6. 1:19 “Oh ya baby, all the way”

  7. I can barely afford a hand plane that is 10 times smaller than that. Wonder
    how much more it would cost for that giant one.

  8. +OffBeatSocker 2k they are around $700 for just the iron. then you have to
    buy the stone set to sharpen them. those will run you $500 each and you
    make your own body. so for a whole setup $2700 plus shipping!

  9. +douro20 Not to mention the stone set large enough to handle that!

  10. To give you some perspective, planing wood like this gives you VERY thin
    There’s a video where they are competing and one guy sliced off a piece
    roughly 4 feet long, 4 inches wide and 9 microns thick.
    There are over 25 000 microns in an inch. 1000 microns are in a millimeter.

  11. I wonder what one of those kanna are worth..10k? More maybe..

  12. +oobaka1967 cigarette paper is around 30 microns.

  13. japanese..always surprised me.

  14. oohh boy i would love to see how they make the iron and the stones and the
    body and how they adjust the iron

  15. My brain is 9 microns thick.

  16. lmao

  17. +aaron long hahaha thinner i think hahahah

  18. credit the guy who sharpened the tool

  19. please come to my city where we have a competition to take one fork from a
    table to another table 10 meter away…. you have only 100 sec… you may
    use only one hand

  20. That is so satisfying.

  21. thats how paper is made kids

  22. Thank you for sharing the video, I so want one of these devices. :D

  23. Tony Alexander the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen.

  24. +EscapeMCP I did say over 25 000 microns…but thanks for keeping the
    assholery and douchebaggary alive and well in Youtube 🙂

  25. I guess I’m getting old.
    That was totally thrilling for me.

  26. No sanding needed!

  27. Welcome to the club! The lawn chair is in the back, get yourself some tea.
    We’re shunning teenagers off our lawns by 3 o’clock.

  28. Sooner Science Nerd

    dude!! paper thin!!!!!!

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