Wood Carving

Woodcarving has long been considered as one of Iranian arts and handicrafts. A person who cuts designs on a piece of wood and uses simple tools to carve them is called a woodcarver. Such a person is an extremely talented and gifted artist. He’s not only bestowed with a creative mind, but is also uniquely talented in painting and drawing. He’s able to carve whatever that comes to his mind.


  1. No one else is gifted except Iranians? What about the celts and metal work!

  2. So only Iranians are gifted. That’s a whole new level of dumb.

  3. It is said: Only Asians are Smart, Blacks “Dindu Nuffin” and the White man Enslaves ALL the rest.

  4. Sahu SaRa Nunnaqi El Bey

    What about my people we have the oldest wood carvings and metal workings smh this video is a bust

  5. Stefanos Kapsimalis

    Sahu SaRa Nunnaqi El Bey Are you ethiopian?

  6. Sahu SaRa Nunnaqi El Bey

    +Stefanos Kapsimalis does it matter all those of KORDOFANIAN descent origins are from Ethiopia the cradle of life look up Kordofanian please

  7. Stefanos Kapsimalis

    Sahu SaRa Nunnaqi El Bey I was just asking since I agree that ethiopians developed most of these stuff first. Not denying that.

  8. Jorge Murillo Martinez

    and so it made an idol jjjj

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  10. ich Schnitze krampusmasken

  11. they the only ones with talents???? πŸ˜‚

  12. i carve ,draw ,airbrush woodwork, metal work ,gun Smith, engrave, heck pick it . If it’s got a nice artistic feel to it I do it. guess what , I’m part English and part native American πŸ˜‚ . the theory that Iranians are the only artistic folks in the world is false propoganda.

  13. Paddy Pup true wood carving is used without reference lines.

  14. Creative wood worker

    I liked the Art but the narrator needs a lot of help!

  15. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ muy lindo trabajo

  16. Luis Lazcano

  17. what liquid is he pouring @2:01 ??

  18. ‘it is said, that Iranians are gifted with artist talents and no one else’… STFU

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it white people who were the very first slaves?

  20. Art Cafe Kalimpong

    what wood is commonly used for carving?

  21. Devy69 D there is no such thing as true art. art is art no matter how its made

  22. TheMinuteSquirrel

    White Wolf Probably not. The very first slaves were probably either middle eastern, East Asian, or African. Either way the very first slavers were probably also either middle eastern, East Asian, or African.

  23. This video makes me hungry for bacon.

  24. Edmund Blackadder

    when people ask him who he has carved, I wonder if he jokingly says its allah


  26. Actually…. Wood carving can be traced to Central Europe. And saying “his” instead of they is kinda sexist

  27. Max Rojas Zaputovich

    Oh yes wood carving is exclusive to Iranians, that’s why vikings used it.

  28. Im not Iranian… But I can do that as well……..

  29. You can tell the reporter knew nothing about what she was talking about anf slapped a couple long words and was done but non of the less its a good skulpture

  30. Unintentional Iraninan anti-propaganda. Making a neat little video and ruining it in three seconds.. ayy.

  31. It never said that they were the “only”. However you have got to respect a culture that appreciates wood carving as art instead of being obsessed with vain celebrities and what they do.

  32. Esperanza J. Sutherland

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