Wood Carving – Power Carving/ Engraving Demonstration

See how easy it is to engrave or carve just about anything. This demonstration is on how to carve a leaf pattern onto a wooden coin using power carving, high speed engraving equipment. We simply copy our pattern onto mylar stencil film, place the pattern onto the surface of our engraving project, then trace the lines right through the pattern paper. With high speed, power carving equipment, you won't even know the stencil film is there, See how you can engrave or carve almost any surface – by Profitable Hobbies.


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  2. Would any engraver do this?


    The sound of Carving makes my teeth hurts it’s like i’m at the Dentist.

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  5. It’s an air driven tool. It’s not a dremel. Air tools turn about 10 times
    faster than the highest speed electric tools. The one in this video is a
    Turbo 300, another one is the NSK Presto.

  6. No. Only high speed air driven rotary tools.

  7. for this kind of detailed work a higher video resolution would be much more

    Pretty work !

  8. tushar gothankar

    sir, what is the price of this machine?

  9. I have a SCM 400 which turns 400,000 RPM’s. I have many burs but do not
    know what each one will do. I would like to have something that would help
    me know which bit to use on a particular cut.

  10. Is this a dental drill or a power carver

  11. I wish the video was better quality, but damn that is gorgeous!

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  14. Lovely. I am just attempting to learn this. Want to make a walking stick
    for my grandson and want to write his name and a few other things, like
    decorations, on the cane. I have a Dremel. I see that this is not a Dremel.
    Will the Dremel work. As a senior, my income is limited and do not think I
    can afford to purchase more tools. Thanks for this though. Best I have

  15. I am very new to this. What other kind of film or paper can you use for
    your template? Thanks in advance!

  16. could I use stickers to engrave

  17. Ha ha ha. “You have more tools than you know what to do with.” I should
    just let that one go. Obviously you have an overflowing pocket book so go
    ahead and buy a beginner’s guide. There are really only a few basic shapes
    though. Use the biggest tool that fits. As you likely know, Size matters.

  18. Mary Catherine Parker

    love your humor !!!!!!

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  24. Im a complete beginner. How hard would this be to learn? Honestly. Im
    interested in making small wood signs for my garden shop. And then maybe
    moving to making signs for homes, etc. I have been on utube looking at
    different tools. Thanks for your response.

  25. please tell me which bit are you use??

  26. anyone have a website where I could find a price?
    the one listed is no longer functioning. :(

  27. where could I purchase this stencil film and can it be used in a standard
    laser printer?
    Thank you

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