Wood carving, ‘Fan Bird Carving’

This is a form of folk art woodcarving says Stuart King, it has been practiced all over Europe from Romania to Russia, from Poland to Scandanavia and was often executed with nothing more than a pocket knife to while away the time. This video was shot at the annual gathering of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners by www.stuartking.co.uk The event is known affectionately as the 'Bodgers Ball'.



  2. Can they be purchased any where?

  3. Hello Emer, details here, sean hellman.com Regards, Staurt King



  5. Call the doctor quick. This guy has the strange growth in his ear.

  6. Great work, delighted to see somebody demonstrate this great art. Not so
    thrilled with the “theme music” which was inappropriate for the
    demonstration and so loud I was unable to hear the spoken word. LNR

  7. Wish I could have heard the artist.

  8. Love the work 🙂 Any chance of getting the design for your shave horse?

  9. my bird can do better, she’s a black bird, lol keep smiling , 

  10. Nice shave horse

  11. I hate being negative, but what the heck is with that background music?
    I’d rather hear the artist’s words and failing that just the sound of a
    sharp knife on the wood. Save the music for the radio on the way home.

  12. Very gracious

  13. Never saw how to make this beauty. Thank you! Like!

  14. this design could be seen as being a sort of cousin to the Japanese carving
    style of sasanoo bori. just in case someone was interested.

  15. Francisco de Assis

    Lindo, uma obra de arte esculpida em madeira, parabéns ao artista!

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  17. be better if colour was added to it aye. paint. even a polish up

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