1. You are a master carver TTT wonderful work…

  2. +dwayne21 Thank you for watching

  3. More vids please….

  4. Thanks for watching.

  5. Can you do more portraits
    You’re amazing!! TTTOP

  6. +Alison Dennise Thanks for watching.

  7. i can’t believe my eye……nice work

  8. how long did it take you to develop that amazing level of skills?

  9. Thirty years, thanks for watching.

  10. its Look live howie Mandel

  11. like *

  12. with Hair

  13. Thanks for watching

  14. did you just assume its gender…

  15. wow so beautiful.

  16. best in the world try to guiness

  17. Thank you very much

  18. How long did that take??

  19. Thank you very much

  20. 8 weeks

  21. can you try to do one of Trump or Putin?

  22. Does anyone else find the eyes a little creepy? 😂 I know there’s no way to make them not creepy other than painting them. I’m just sayin! 😂😂

  23. Like how the sh*t are ya even posibole to make something like that!

  24. They have to pose.

  25. TTTopDotCom do one of putin on his bear lol please

  26. TTTopDotCom How many hours per day?

  27. astonishing work

  28. Thank you very much

  29. gosh this guys good. A whole head in 4 minutes.

  30. Thank you very much

  31. Nin _ Jacqui _ Chan


    Calm down tumblr it was just a joke

  32. ghjj

  33. 😍

  34. Amazing.

  35. and this is my pawn shop

  36. Thank you very much

  37. TTTopDotCom Won a Brazilian fan.

  38. ahmet Karakoyunlu

    رائع جدا

  39. super all the best in the world

  40. مبدع

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  42. WTF TRUMP..go and see the red pig in jungle all looks like Trump

  43. You have one eye ?!!!

  44. Mark S, I think video was sped up.

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