what’s the difference between a single and two stage air compressor?

i got this new unit from tsc on sale so why not make a video bout it?
thanks for watching


  1. Definitely one of the better CH. They really make some trash today and I dont know why they would ruin a good name. This one will last many yrs but word up, get a rebuild kit now while you still can. CH is getting to be like the rest were they only keep what parts for compressors they are presently building in stock and once they stop production alot of the parts are no longer available. About a yr or two after they stop they are all gone!  My freind had an 7-8yr old CH that its main rebuild parts were “obsolete” and ended up tossing it out.  Get the parts now if you still can! Bearings are common but rings,valve seats and gaskets ect..are not easily found. Get a basic rebuild kit at least. 

  2. I would like to know which one is quieter?  The Single or Twin? 

  3. the YEAHHHH…. at the end lol. didnt understand half of what he said but its whatever blah blah blah

  4. ONE OF THE BEST THINGS IVE BOUGHT FOR THE SHOP 60 Gallon Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

  5. Nice compressor. I just purchased a FS-Curtis and am in love. Mounted it in my basement and tee’d off a separate regulator and supply to my garage. I’m pretty stoked about it.

  6. So the two stage is better, I need something for spraying cars Auto body work. The one I have right now is a single stage and it won’t keep up with my spray guns. Thanks for the video.

  7. You cannot keep moisture out of air…air is heated when compressed. ..it then cools when hits your tank …condensation hence water in your tank…now if your using air directly from pump as it’s compressing it ur air will be full of water…100% guaranteed. .u can use about 20 ft of steel piping with a drain off or moisture trap on it an that should kill 90 percent of moisture ..but a flexi pipe straight off compressor is a fhuk#! G nightmare…ur lookin for trouble..ur have to cool your air b4 application…ok 🙂

  8. 4 min video for telling the difference between a single and two stage air compressor?

  9. The compressor kick-on point can be adjusted with a screw driver after removing the plastic cover. The factory settings are just set particularly for accurate duty cycle stats and the like.

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    Love you’re laid back style man. 🙂 Good video!

  12. To stage compressors typically run at a slower rpm and therefore are quieter.

  13. I miss his old videos! He’s a smart man but his new videos he talks so crazy you can’t understand him and it’s just annoying to watch!

  14. William Saltmarche

    Credit to you for making the video, however: you might want to google “how to make a ‘useable’ video, and bone up on it.
    I was anxious when I found the video , but most of it was not useable, couldn’t really see inside the electrical box ,….. instead had nice view of the exterior of the compressor.

    Anyway, like I said , cud’s for the effort, hope you redo it and make the viewing useful eh.

  15. hows the back?

  16. friggin!

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