What’s a drill press? Do you need one? | Mere Mini

Here is a basic overview of the drill press and some of the things you can do with it.

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  1. I Like To Make Stuff

    Nicely done, this would go well with my Maker 101 series!

  2. Band Saw? Drill Press? Band Saw? Drill Press? Agggh….which to buy
    first? Band Saw?

  3. Band Saw first =] you can get a cheap tool that looks like a drill bit
    holder that helps you drill straight holes every time, so you can get the
    drill press at a later date.

  4. You are a master at making even the most obvious very interesting. Thanks
    for all the videos you have shared which are very helpful to people like
    me; the casual woodworker

  5. I just went through this same decision. I could absolutely use both right
    now, but after lots of thinking, the drill press came out on top. I’ve got
    a number of upcoming projects where straight holes and drum sanding is far
    more important than a band saw. We can all say “get the band saw” or “get
    the drill press”, but you need to figure out which will see more immediate

    I just bought the 10″ Ryobi and I’m happy with it. I’ve read some
    complaints about runout on cheaper units, but mine is good out of the box.

  6. I already have a Drill press and I don’t really use it much, but a band saw
    with a metal cutting saw would be perfect for me.

  7. Anna Maria Robles Solano


  8. Drill press is more versatile and you can use different saws until you get
    the band saw.

  9. Buy the drill press, build the bandsaw :p

  10. Ted Thenoob (CannonFodderTed)

    I never thought about using it for sanding! Great idea! How about have you
    ever used it for turning? Like an upright lathe?

  11. Jesus was a Carpenter

    I live in the bay area also, love your videos!

  12. CrafterSandstone8

    A drill press is probably more necessary for metalworking.

  13. ‫منوعات‬‎

    Of shares in the fallopian pressing on the ads do the same thing with him

  14. they do make attachments to do this.

  15. I really like your table and fence. Could you explain how the fence locks?

  16. Do you need a drill press. Certain procedures you can’t do without. End

  17. How powerful is this drill press? (HPs or Watts), I’m interested in a
    makita TB131 (250 Watts) but to me sounds not that powerful, can you please

  18. +Ampix0 He made a video on it: watch?v=LWn1lRTuOlk

  19. Can you please help on how to fix ‘run out’. My drill bits wobble.

  20. Excellent film inspiring for the purchase:)

  21. You know what you can do, just take a screwdriver and where you want to
    drill the hole, being an indentation on the wood. The drillbit will fall
    into that hole and make the cut right where you want it.

  22. Nice. But I need a video that explains how to prevent smoking Forstner-bits
    when drilling oak. I know already, the bit has to be sharp, the speed is
    low, but that doesn’t change anything in my case: there is smoke coming out
    of my wood. Not cool..
    A solution could be using spade-drill bits, but I have no experience.

  23. Is WEN a good drill press brand???

  24. You’re probably using to much pressure. Take your time and see if that h

  25. Ok – I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

  26. Hope that helps. Anything else is beyond my experience level.

  27. I enjoyed the video! Thanks!

  28. could you do a video about what to look for in a drill press? Any
    recomendations as for as hp, spindle travel, throw, bench top vs floor
    model, etc.?

  29. A 2:40 second instructional video on a drill press…best one I have ever
    seen. Well done.

  30. Is it safe to use forstner bits in hand drills at a low speed? I’ve heard
    it’s extremely unsafe in routers due to the speeds that they run at. I
    don’t really have enough room for a drill press right now and am trying to
    find a good alternative for drilling large holes. I intend to use forstner
    bits to drill for dog holes in a workbench, but I want to make sure the
    holes are straight for obvious reasons.

  31. I think I’m missing something from your video. You say ‘You don’t find it
    essential, but find yourself using it all the time and there are certain
    procedures you need it.’. Doesn’t that by definition ‘essential’?

  32. My main reason for using a drill press was that the bits don’t chatter,
    giving you a precise, clean hole all the way through.

  33. That makes it essential for him. But not necessarily for everyone else
    depending on what they are wanting to do. If you are watching the videos to
    find out what these tools do then this drill press is probably at the
    earliest the 6th or 7th power tool you’d want. Many people can make due
    with more care and time using a hand drill if they aren’t going to be doing
    lots of projects or ones that require many holes in similar locations on
    multiple pieces.

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