Ways to Organize a Workshop

Short video on ways to organize your garage or workshop. Some ideas on how to organize workshop for handyman and organizing workshop space.
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  1. I have been battling humidity just terribly this year. Do you have a climate controlled shop? I have cinder block walls and they weep it gets so bad. I’ve noticed some green fuzz growing on some mdf I’m slowly doing a project with. I think I’m going to abort that. Anyway, great video!

  2. +whopua Hello whopua. No my garage is just really, really hot or really, really cold. As far a humidity goes I had a tidal surge that brought five feet of water with it. I know what you mean. Gene:)

  3. love the vids. great job. thanks. but how did u find that they were auctioning off these?

  4. +Blackgnturbo I just searched the internet. As an example I bought and sold locally commercial shelving from a liquor store that was closing. You would be surprised at how many store renovation and closings are going on. Gene

  5. Like your video nice shop

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