1. He also works for Audi…

  2. Sasano-Bori. Now I can say whittlin’ in Japanese.

  3. Oh yeah, I’d be on my way to the hospital within 10 minutes of trying this.

  4. Sooner Science Nerd

    I carve maneki Nekos from basswood- made 15+ so far, and am working on 2

  5. Thumbnail suggested something else

  6. A bowl of Miso soup

    that could have went from bird to dildo really fucking fast

  7. still can…

  8. I bet this man has a lot of scars from becoming a master with that thing.

  9. A bowl of Miso soup

    +VideoNozoki if you’re brave enough. That beak hook thing looks promising

  10. Umm, first year, first 6 months of their apprenticeship, I suspect.

  11. This looked dangerous. I kept thinking that blade was going to slip and
    hack off his knee cap.

  12. Yep, i think the same.

  13. jesus. razor sharp steel inches from femoral artery. balls of steel.

  14. I’m saving this video for anyone who says that you can’t carve wood with
    the Tonto blade!

  15. Lots of niggas gonna be asking that.

  16. lol yes

  17. until 2:10 i was all “ok i can try doing this”. but then…

  18. well, the other end maybe.
    it could make a gorgeus decoration when inserted. super pro hot pictures,
    with this XD

  19. A bowl of Miso soup

    +Davide Marras I can only imagine… lmao

  20. macmurfy2jka this blade is also chisel ground and extremely wide, making
    the bevel leading to the point much more useful than most other tanto

  21. Thumbnail looks like penis

  22. This video is a slap to the face of all the people who say big knives are
    useless for detail work. Its all about skill.

  23. +Dogtroscious oh I certainly think the carving looks like a penis.

  24. mr10man69 Did IT make you happy seeing it like it did with me?

  25. +Dogtroscious No. I didn’t notice the thumbnail because I have YouTube set
    on autoplay. I was watching a video on raising chickens, took a phone call
    and when I finished the call I see this guy carving away. Somewhere along
    the way I thought to myself, is this guy carving a dildo? I Read comments,
    commented myself and that’s about it. Not happy or sad. Neutral. My
    question was why didn’t you watch the video. A) because it looked like a
    penis and you wanted to see penis? or B) it wasn’t a penis so you didn’t
    want to waste your time?

  26. mr10man69 B for sure

  27. Exactly what i was thinking.

  28. this video is almost a decade. bless you, YouTube ☺

  29. Thanks for making me feel old.

  30. I have a knife. I have a wood



  31. I don’t see detail work in this. It’s pretty crude.

  32. Dakiel The Demon Slayer

    not a very practical one I’d imagine.

  33. Sooner Science Nerd
    I take 3″ diameter x 8″ long branches and whittle them down into full sized
    laptop computers. I use the leftover wood chunks to craft a printer and a
    3D printer.

  34. is there an app for THAT, STEVE JOBS?

  35. Came here for this. Not disappointed.

  36. there is no danger here with what he is doing. only somebody that has
    never done any sort of woodworking or woodcarving would make such a dumb
    comment about this being dangerous.

  37. Seems i’m to late for the live.

  38. +tyvek05
    Only someone who is actually dumb would make a comment that someone with an
    opinion is dumb.

  39. +Lucy’s Mom here’s your participation award. good job

  40. +Lucy’s Mom huh?? it would be nice if your comment actually made any
    sense, but it doesn’t…… there were no “opinions” stated in the
    comments. its time you move back down a few grades until you can
    communicate and understand how to read and write like and adult.

  41. Search up Bad Dragon

  42. im so glad i stayed to watch it !

  43. was going to quit after 1;50 !

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