1. More tool holders in my big workshop. Got the essentials hung now, but I’m
    sure I’ll make more with time.

  2. just made a bunch of tool holders today as well, but yours look better.

  3. +Timothy Campbell I’m fairly sure that those are indeed pocket holes. He
    used a pocket hole on another shelf (I think it was for the one holding his
    chisels). In that video he explained why he used a pocket hole. 1: It’s not
    bearing a heavy load. 2: It was the most practical joint. (as far as I’ve
    gathered) He’s not *against* pocket holes, but see their uses as limited.

  4. José Ramón Mortera Fernandez

    +steven zhang

  5. I’m getting older – put the heavier stuff down low, the lighter tools
    higher up. Is easier to put and retrieve, also less damage if something
    falls, and from engineering; the higher something the greater the force or
    strain on the back boards.

  6. you called the combination square a level…

  7. Clever solutions for storage issues.


    can u tell how to make a stand for drills and other electric thing stuffs

  9. The downward force is the same as the wueight of the object, which will
    only change by an incredibly small, negligable even to most science
    experiments amount with height

  10. Gareth Dirlam (Chesapeake Farm Interiors)

    Have you thought about adding a riving knife to it your home made table

  11. +Gareth Dirlam (Chesapeake Farm Interiors) Yes, but not practical.

  12. But….if the mallet is trying to fall off of the ledge, what are you using
    to cause all that banging?

  13. a hammer

  14. I was joking. Guess my jokes are so bad they don’t translate well 🙂

  15. Very intelligent work

  16. great job

  17. Francisco Nascimento

    Idéias boas, simples e baratas! Valeu! Vou fazer um quadro deste pra minha

  18. Awesome inspiration , thanks for sharing!

  19. Very Inspiring. I stay in a Condo(Apartment) with limited space and love
    tools. you inspired me to make something of my own. Thanks Matthias.

  20. However, the torque on the wall about its axis along the floor is much
    greater if the heavy tools are mounted higher.

  21. Live Matthias!

  22. Is it a coincidence that Matthias rhymes with genius

  23. Roberto carlos machado gomes


  24. I hang my handplanes by their front tote. I use a long 12mm wooden dowel
    and hang them on it. Fast and easy.

  25. Irenaldodacosta Ramos

    very good

  26. Gracias por tus videos, no me canso de ver las maravillas que haces

  27. What is that blink at 2:00 ?

  28. +Matthias Wandel kk

  29. Beautiful bit of work

  30. Hey, Matthias, thank you for putting subtitles on your videos, it makes
    them accessible for the hearing impaired. Thank you!

  31. Matthias Wandel

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