Using an Electic Hand Plane – Beginners #24

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Electric hand planes are great little tools, in this video we show how to use them
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Hand planes have been used forever in woodworking, only in recent years have electric versions come available. We see these used more often in carpentry and house construction and even are very popular in home renovation for their quick work on warped wood. Fine woodworkers use these on occasion but they are not a substitute for a jointer or a thickness planer. Beginner woodworkers may think an electric hand plane is a good way to get boards flat and straight without having to invest in a jointer, unfortunately they are not. Owing to their short length these tend to follow the contour of the wood, which is why jointers are so long, to help flatten out the wood. Still, these little woodworking tools have a place but for fine woodworking sometimes a better choice might be a Veritas Plane from Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen Plane if fine work is what you are trying to achieve.

Updated: January 22, 2017 — 2:59 pm


  1. I have the same electric hand plane but with width stop. I love things that
    are made by just hand tools, but that is not me.
    Do you have any suggestion’s how can I make electric hand plane into a
    table one?

  2. +Antonio Cepaj I have seen a video on someone who did this but to be
    honest, I was a bit concerned about the safety of it …

  3. would this be a good tool to use for a simple cutting board I want to make.
    I’m using scrap wood and they are all different widths. I want to at least
    get it somewhat smooth so I can use the belt sander on it.

  4. +Jason Becker hmmm … for edging the boards to get them ready for gluing,
    probably not a good tool. For planing after the boards are all glued
    together, this should work ok, but take of small amounts each time.

  5. Thank you. I want to use it to make the board the same height after glued
    together. If I don’t have a jointer for fitting the boards together I have
    to use an old fashioned hand planer right

  6. thanks!

  7. you can probably make a table as that of a router align it and set an on
    off switch this way you only go under the table to adjust the blade height.
    put a fence and slide the material by the fence on to the blade 🙂

  8. Adam very eazy to change blade

  9. Why is it that on this machine only the front plate can be adjusted up and
    down? In regular hand planes, the blade itself is the piece that gets
    adjusted for depth and not the plate. Seems to me that, if it was the blade
    array that could be adjusted, the gouging would not be an issue. Is there a
    benefit to it being designed like this? Thanks Colin.

  10. Title says “Using an Electric Hand Plane”. Actual content about “Using an
    Electric Hand Plane” start at 8:48.
    Content showing example use is 30 seconds long.

  11. Didn’t know anything about electric planers. Thanks so much!

  12. When you pick up an electric hand plane you’ll quickly notice that the
    cutter is in line with the back plate. The front plate is movable
    height-wise. This means that if the front plate is positioned 1mm above the
    cutter, the cutter will cut down 1mm of material, making it line up with
    the back plate that sits 1mm below.
    If you were to just raise and lower the cutter you would end up with a back
    plate that does not line up with the set depth. This would lead to uneven

    I believe the reason why you can raise and lower the blade on a normal hand
    plane is that it only cuts very little material at a time. You won’t see
    any 2mm cutting with a handplane, as it is way to thick to cut by hand, and
    even if you’re strong enough to do that, it will not look great on the wood.

  13. measures is that planer belt? / que medida es la correa de esa cepilladora.
    soy argentino.

  14. I Sketchup, You can to

    CK, have you ever thought of taking an aluminum (aluminium?) plate about 18
    inches long and mating the hole pattern to tweak this to be a jointer?

  15. Some hand planes are bevel up. Just want to make sure people know that.

  16. So instead of being honest and telling the guy selling the planer what was
    wrong with it you decided to ask for even less. Integrity at its finest!

  17. I’ve got hand wooden planes like yours at the background. They were my
    grandfather’s now they are mine:-)

  18. Nice inheritance, they are tool-works-of-art

  19. $150 for that? I got mine for $60 and it has more features

  20. Interesting that in these sorts of videos, the talker talks about “many,
    many requests” for said subject matter, but you rarely see the person
    interacting with YouTube commenters.

  21. did you end up making one using the hand planer? I’m about to make one and
    am wondering the same thing

  22. I did but it didn’t come out great and took a lot of work. Honestly a full
    size planet is needed

  23. I’ve always been curious about these. I own a grizzly 12″ jointer and a
    dewalt lunchbox planer. I also own a number of Lie Neilson hand planes. Do
    you think the electric drive makes the job of hand planing significantly
    easier? In what situation do you think you would prefer a powered hand
    planer over a traditional hand plane? Sorry if you answered this in the
    video. I watched the first part and then skipped around and didn’t hear the
    discussion I was looking for.

  24. Not delusional, just live by a higher standard. You’re right no one HAS to
    do anything honest. You have the choice and obviously will take advantage
    of the less fortunate at any opportunity to get ahead

  25. If the seller was really interested in keeping it, he would have found out
    what was wrong with it.

  26. Anna Clusky

  27. Martin Herrera Linares

    Gracias x tu video pero no lo tienes titulado?

  28. Martin Herrera Linares

    Subtitulado!!! *

  29. freshstopper frederick

    10:48 minutes… that was my mistake.too much pressure and i feel like
    stupid for the 1st time..thnks for the vid. thumbs up for the lesson..

  30. WoodWorkWeb My grandma has a hand drill in the back ground too:)

  31. talk too much about non topic stuff. Who cares where and how you bought
    your tool. Change topic heading.

  32. thank you

  33. You’re simply wrong. He told the seller he thought he could fix it. At that
    point if the seller had wanted to fix it he could have. I’m sorry, I think
    there was plenty of ntegrity to go around here.

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