Using a Dremel Tool : How to Use a Dremel Tool

A Dremel tool can be used for cutting, grinding, sanding, buffing and shaping materials such as wood, laminate, ceramic and metal. Learn about the many uses of this versatile tool with tips from a professional carpenter in this free video on Dremel tools.

Expert: Stephen G. Anthony
Bio: Stephen G. Anthony is a professional carpenter, woodworker and handyman based in New York City and south Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. HI steveI have the Dremel 4000. I have the pit stuck and I could not loosen
    the collet?I tried to spray W40 without helpAny Idea’s

  2. when you was warning about safety glasses did anyone else notice he never
    turned the dremel tool off at the plug or unplug it when changing the bits
    ,bad video …

  3. +Peter Robinson IKR

  4. +Mahmoud AlShami Take the wrench tool that it comes with and use the
    squared off end and put it on the collet whilst the collet nut is off the
    the dremel with the collet inside and push and the collet will eventually
    come out.

  5. I always wear to eye patches when I’m using power tools.

  6. If you knew how to use it it would help

  7. Steve you are my HERO! Du geile Sau!

  8. regular glasses are not eye protection.

  9. Are there any dremel bits that you can get for cutting through small wooden
    disks like laser cutting.

  10. Can I use it to clean my teeth?

  11. go find out c:

  12. Argh god, terrible idea. The pain is immense… Your advise wasn’t good

  13. Yeah just buy a lightsaber

  14. we have bought many dremels over the years and they all burn out after like
    one or two uses carving wood… i follow the guidelines on speed i don’t
    use pressure at all.. seriously i can’t round the letters of more then one
    word before it decides to quit. i even turned it off fine. they act as if
    it was running for an 6 hours. I was scared to use the last one my dad got
    because he said he’d buy one if i promised not to burn it out but if i cant
    even use it with out it failing.

  15. Hi Steve how do you make a nice dado joint with the router for my Dremel
    tool for Window trim?

  16. it is being used to make a makeshift over sized window fit to sell home

  17. trying to make something work without spending a lot of money

  18. Black Beard &his press gang came through Hartford Ct &Manchester Ct there
    is still hidden treasure there

  19. Look at the Joy Rogers of Black Beard you might see what I’m talking about

  20. Benjamin Franklin was a pirate tear

  21. enjoy your eyes while you have them.

  22. @spaz thedrummer The reason why regular glasses are not good eye protection
    (it is eye protection but it’s not failsafe) is because metal/wooden
    splinters can be kicked into the air getting either underneath or above the
    glasses. I’ve worked in a factory where I’ve seen people lose their eyes
    because they thought the way you do, they had large metal splinters kick up
    and get deep into their eyes… Your age does not make you less ignorant.
    Good eye protection best resembles goggles, it makes certain there will be
    no shavings getting into your eyes.

  23. +T Sama lol

  24. Im using woodprix instructions to make it and I do it already :)

  25. I did not see how the router bit is tilted to an angle, what degree angle
    it was set to and what rpm speed you set the tool to create bevel on this
    soft wood. I’m assuming it’s a softer wood? Please advise.

  26. +FourEyedGeek remember to use the sanding attachment when brushing teeth

  27. Bit late… teeth are now gone.

  28. Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks :)

  29. This was more helpful than anything on the official Dremel YouTube page.
    Thank you.

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