Upgraded Poor man’s shave horse

Hey guys, here is a little upgrade to my wood working station that I wanted to share with you. Thanks for watching, and God bless.
If you like coffee try some from my friend dafrogtoad's, its awesome, send him a PM on his channel.


  1. Is that ever slick! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  2. Awesome info thanks for sharing!!

  3. FullSpectrumSurvival

    That is awesome. You’ve got a fine blade there!

  4. TheRealWorldPrepper

    Really great idea! Thanks for sharing it. It might come in handy.

  5. thats a good tip, thanks bro.

  6. Thats Awesome brother! Pure genius.

  7. Good idea!

  8. Very smart. Looking at the straps to the foot hold. If there are issues of coming apart. Mabe you can attach the straps to the bottom instead of the sides? Just a thought.
    Thanks for sharing….

  9. Nice Idea!

  10. Classy Casey, wood critic here. Say, I suppose many of you in the south could do this to your dining table. Get the wife’s permission, of course. This way, you all can shave wood and watch NASCAR all at the same time. Who would have thunk it.

  11. LOL. now that is a great idea. Thanks Casey. I love your comments..lol.

  12. Ingenious! Great idea…

  13. I never would have thought of that.  Nice!

  14. howdy,  thanks for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to show us. I do a little wood works and simple ideas as yours really do help. thanks deeman

  15. cool idea.

  16. If you had a couple -V-blocks screwed to the table where the straps are, it would hold the piece from sliding around and would not need to have too much pressure to hold the piece firmly. the V-blocks could be made from a piece of 2×4 with the V cut into  them.

  17. I’ve been using a big ol’ vice for such work, maybe I’ll try that now, appreciate the idea!

  18. I work at a summer camp for kids and I do most of the maintenance on the tools there and made a simpler version of this in a pinch. I can definitely appreciate your version. I think you could take the foot pedal and mount it to that post in such a way as that it would pivot so you can either step on it, or flip it up out of the way. Granted I just looked and saw you uploaded this video a bit over 4 months.

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