Ultimate Man Cave Shop Tour Custom Garage

Stop by and take a tour of my shop. It's nothing fancy but I put out some real cool work. This is definitely my man cave, although I did not get the TV show to build it for me. Whether I'm building a cool ride, putting some custom colors on a guitar, or watching a hockey game, this is where I go to enjoy a cold one.

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  1. Change from cars to bikes…This is it…

  2. I have a nice mancave or maybe a rat cave.Mine has a few motorcycles in it

  3. This is my dream man cave nothing too fancy but cool enough to get the job
    done! Great job on everything

  4. Torontodude20000

    Very nice man cave. 

  5. Very nice and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very nice and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That’s awesome. Some day I’ll have a garage like that. I bet that was a
    lot of money.

  8. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  9. beautiful garage!!!

  10. The major difference from your shop to mine is, I play drums! Well that and
    I don’t have near the tools or cars that aren’t as cool as yours. Awesome
    shop and vids!! Keep them coming! I spend my time fixing my sons cars.

  11. Thanks for the tour,

  12. That’s a class shop, bro.

  13. Thank you my friend

  14. great effect! great video…

  15. Thank you

  16. old pevey duece or smaller single speaker tube amp on that marshal?

  17. Old Peavey studio chorus. Tube head with the slant cabinet

  18. Hi Mr, Petes, nice to meet you, congratulation for your custom garage is
    beautifull and great. Where is the ASE certificate???

  19. Thank you my friend. I don’t need one. I’m a member of the ASME and the SAE.

  20. You got me Mr Pete-garage looks awesome. Good job on the Mech Eng degrees
    too. Subscribed! Excuse me, gotta go organize my garage….

  21. Thank you my friend! Keep cleaning , then clean it again….lol

  22. Well it’s 2016, and looks pretty cool. We’ll have to call you “Neat Pete”.
    Good job!

  23. I’ve been called many things, but that’s a new one…Thank you

  24. Professional Automobile solutions

    Nice spot :0)

  25. Petes Garage nice place!

  26. Pete! You’re the man. Love watching your videos. I’m halfway through your
    engine building series. You’re a natural educator and really good at
    communicating the complexities of these builds. You should make T-shirts!

  27. sweet shop! but pvc pipe for air man? come on this ain’t 1970 anymore,
    thought everyone had learned better by now.

  28. Well thank you very much my friend. I do have t-shirts and will have an
    online store soon

  29. I understand you point, but that has been 100% leak free for over 8 years
    and it’s always full at 120 psi.

  30. +Petes Garage leaks? it’s not about leaking…

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