Transforming the tracksaw into a beam saw with the B-300 by eurekazone

The limitations of the Ez Smart track saw system is your imagination. Here we can see how the ez tracksaw system works like an expensive beam saw performing cuts that was previously very dangerous and difficult. The idea is to apply pressure to the wood and don't allow the wood to become a projectile. This setup is the safest and the most accurate system in the market today.
The Bridge system by eurekazone was invented by a carpenter and made 100% in USA.


  1. I Respect Safe And You Are So Safe – Thank You For The Demonstration.
    Intelligent Initiatve.

  2. What happen if you wants to cut a plywood 4′ x 8′ in half ? can you do it and should us how ?

  3. @jojuma91 No problem.
    I will post another video soon.

  4. @eurekazone Cool, keep us posted, I liked your idea, I’m trying to do something like too, to be able to cut a 4′ x 8′ plywood, like a homemade panel saw…. later.

  5. @hoteoin28

  6. @jojuma91 the saw is one part of the system.
    with the ez system you can use any saw, including your plunge saw that we dont like.
    Plunge saws are dangerous and have limited reach and power.
    try the 5008 mga by makita.

  7. @SawyersMusic with unlimited miter and length capacity? NO.
    With total safety? nothing yet.

  8. Doesn’t look inexpensive. But any tool that keeps my fingers away from a spinning blade for cutting small pieces I am for

  9. Daddy like

  10. How long a piece Can u cut whit This

  11. Question:  You are using a 10 1/4 saw, but on all the Eureka information that I’ve seen when describing the base plate it says “up to 8 1/4 saw”. So why does it say 8 1/4 if it can go to a 10 1/4 saw?

  12. +Noël Jensen About 53″ is the limit as shown. This is set by the fixed distance between the two “bridge” arms. However if you purchased 2 longer side rails of the base unit; and used a longer guide (track) rail, the limit could be extended to 8′ or possibly up to 12 feet long.You might incur a small amount of downward flex in the rail, but this should not be a problem.This due to the fact that when the rail is pressed down on the stock, it is self straightened; assuming the top of the wood is straight also.Hope this helps.

  13. We use a special-custom base that we can fit any saw in the market.
    sorry for the late delay.

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