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Track Saw, Router Jig! Izzy’s Track Guide New Invention!

The Izzy's Track Guide is a simple add on feature to FastCap's Safecut Ruler system and turns the safe cut ruler into a very versatile track system for many cutting tools.

You can preorder your Izzy Track Guide –

Fastcap on Youtube –

Fastcaps Website with hundreds of great products –

SafeCut Ruler –

My Website –

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Please watch: "build a tablesaw sled in 10 minutes"



  1. The guide is cool and all but how do I preorder some of that pizza?

  2. +Matthew Cremona mmm cheese pizza

  3. Nice … But I did notice some wobble when you use the saw … Also noticed that the ruler has to be clamped .. Great for quick work but don’t think it’s gonna complete with a true track saw that has a router plate .. Track saws are so much quicker and accurate plus no clamps .. I like your stuff, but this one, gotta pass ….

  4. +Kevin Williams it just a prototype wait til you see the finished one work its awesome!

  5. Cool ,,, Good Luck … I’ll be watchin for it ..

  6. Woodworkers ‘Thomas Alva Edison’. And – finally – I have learned how to pick up chicks. Great!

  7. In spite of the scruffy, too-old-for-the-Seattle-grunge appearance you insist on clinging to; let me say I like most of your videos and get a lot out of them. Thank you for them. Great going on this invention/idea Izzy! Keep up the great work, and continued success. You clearly have a great mind and ability to think through complex problems. Best to you.

  8. thanks, Mark, I got off the fashion train years ago married and have seven kids, more important things to worry about these days:)

  9. I agree with Mark! But I would have preferred not to see you eating in my face. Your fashion sense is fine. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  10. I notice you’re routing in the opposite direction I would… with the bit pulling _away from_ your guide. Is it your intention to _pull on_ the orange plastic “hook thingy”, or to _push against_ the alum track with your plywood base?

  11. izzy include a toggle clamp and use it as a stop block at the miter saw

  12. why do people find the need to put a negative comment before or after a positive one. great work man! full stop!

  13. Kizzy, great dewing, however its been a year and I still have not seen the follow up video on how you use the saw to get a good clean cut. I saw earlier that it was in development. So please let me know how you can use a jigsaw to cut a 8 foot length of wood accurate without the wobble. If it’s in your video library please provide the link. Thanks

  14. love love LOVE your channel…

  15. love it lmao were can I get it?

  16. Mauricio Carrillo

    KWB line master designed one 10 years ago….Great jig made in Germany…Check it out
    No Doubt your Izzy trastic ideack is a fanta

  17. I had no idea you were from SC, I inhabit the Lowcountry. I’ve been lurking for a while, but I’m subscribed now. Awesome channel Mr. Swan.

  18. Festool Approves this message!

  19. It’s a great idea, I would like to see a more robust version with bearings for use on sites.

  20. Nice project Izzy, I enjoyed this content.

  21. AWESOME!

  22. Somehow I`ve missed thisĀ  That is some great tool

  23. Theodore Blumberg

    Izzy, how about screwing this to a skill saw base?

  24. I’ve thought about getting a tour of that place.

    Great idea and very cool that it turned to a product so quickly.

  25. Thomas NorthCastle

    I REALLY need multiples of that. Now here’s my question. How would I use that tool or a combination of tools to cut evenly spaced dados without having to measure after cutting the first one???

  26. Incredibly simple, but hugely versatile. I like a lot of your stuff and I really like your videos. Keep up the good work.

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