1. Where can i get plans to make on of these?

  2. Plans??

  3. Bradyvilleboy .Bradyvilleboy

    Wow, some people criticise his work. I think the chest is magnificent.

  4. I’m curious–was the chest made with the traditional tools that it houses,
    or with modern electric tools.

    Either way….beautiful

  5. what a beaut!

  6. How functional, how neatly planned. Loved.

  7. Very beautiful work! Your a man that takes pride in his craft, and his

  8. good luck carry that around lol

  9. Love the matching rolling cart – this is just what I need for my box – why
    didn’t I think of that! – and I think I’ll make mine foldable.
    Great box – though I think I would have preferred flush pulls for the
    drawers to save snagging. Thanks for showing.

  10. beautiful

  11. bet you cant carry that

  12. very beautiful

  13. Nice work, looks great.

  14. Nice box and nice shop 🙂

  15. buetifull

  16. I love this tool chest. Do you have a tutorial on how you did that keyhole
    slot part?

  17. There actually is on the website.

  18. The cart is bigger than the tool chest, why not make the cart part of the
    chest to have more room for tools. None the less, i love the idea! Thanks
    for sharing. :)

  19. Dimensions?

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