Tour Nick Offerman’s California Workshop

Parks & Recreation co-star Nick Offerman is more than just a gifted actor. He's a bonified, true-blue woodworker. Take a tour of his workshop and find out why Nick is more at home in the shop then on the set. Visit for more woodworking technique videos.


  1. he’s bringing American masculinity back baby! We need more of this. I hate
    when feminist say masculinity is bad (unless a woman wants to be masculine,
    then it’s perfectly fine and even encouraged), it’s such am essential part
    of our society and we need it. The bad things people attribute to
    masculinity has nothing to do with masculinity. masculinity is about
    defending the weak, being self sufficient (wood work is a great example),
    tough, strong, and violent only when it comes to protecting people.

  2. In the 8 minutes I watched this video, I grew hair on my chest.

  3. SJW? Oh you’re one of those. Okay, I’m out. Life’s too fucking short.

  4. Fine, you win this time, Offerman.

  5. +148word Well it’s really complicated. There are good and bad feminists.
    Like anything. Good doctors and bad doctors. Good parents, and bad parents.
    Good feminism(gF stands for good feminists for now on) will advocate for
    men. Like if a man is being made fun of for being raped, gF will support
    them, bF will say “he deserves it, hes a man dog”. It is ridiculous,
    because a lot of feminism is bF now. It’s sad.

  6. He slices his french toast on the miter saw and eats corn on the cob with
    his lathe.

  7. +Fragile89 got my first pube

  8. +MrGabys91 You should look into his other work (American Ham maybe) because
    Nick Offerman is bringing American *adulthood* back. The fact that you
    would complain in a feeble or petulant way about feminists when supposedly
    complementing a man’s life’s work is not impressive. Don’t buy into
    insecure boys’ whining about women when discussing masculinity, it’s not
    helpful. Sure, recognizing the work of a talented person is great, and
    recognizing the fact that Offerman does masculinity super well is great. It
    CAN exist in its own right. Nick Offerman is an independent artist, not a
    lightning rod for your silly gender wars. Nick Offerman has NEVER bought
    into the lie that femininity is the opposite of masculinity. Though he does
    talk about how boys grow into men (if they work at it). He doesn’t define
    his person in comparison to the opinion of other men or other women, either
    as individuals or mythical groups. He is an adult man and that, by itself
    is really charming and sexy. Defining masculinity on the premise of
    complaining about feminists or throwing women under the bus is lazy child’s

  9. Spörde Spyrdenstein

    I have his Pyramid of Greatness on my cubicle wall.

  10. My balls swelled up, and I grew hair on my freedom

  11. +I'm Derp
    You should that checked mate XD

  12. The only way to become truly inspired.

  13. +Noble909 no corn on the cob!

  14. 1:07 He built a wood floor over the concrete floor to run the dust ducts
    in. Nice trick.

  15. Nice catch! I’ll bet the place is full of quietly integrated,
    well-thought-out touches.

  16. Holy cow you have so many slabs I can’t even find one near me ! Want to
    send me one😂lol!

  17. you could make solid guitar backs with that band saw

  18. His Pyramid of Greatness…..Is in my Wood Shop.

  19. Here’s a question. His sliding router jig is only so tall – on those night
    stands, after doing the 4 long sides how do you think the ends are planed?

  20. Same concept applies. Probably a set of rails set-up somewhere else
    floating in air. As long as they’re in the same plane the rails can be
    wherever you need them.

  21. With that router jig why use those bolts (sorry I don’t know the correct
    term) to adjust the height? Why not make individual holes at specific
    heights to make sure it is level every time with out needing to go back and
    forth with a level making sure its flat; sure you lose some fine
    adjustability but I just feel it would make life easier.

  22. Bonified, lol. It’s bona-fide.

  23. his first name really should be jack

  24. Wow Nick!!! Your collection of slabs and burls is amazing I would love to
    have that space… Check out some of my videos on Turning!

  25. I wanna see Nick Offerman make YouTube videos on woodworking

  26. “Is that LIKE a cedar strip canoe?”

    Well… yeah, it actually IS a cedar strip canoe, which is what I think you
    meant to ask.

  27. Great Shop. Great Gear and stock. Lucky Man!

  28. giant skill saw, and you you clean with a chisel. we had up to a 15″ inch
    saw for cutting 8’x8′ beam and larger pieces you would cut one side and cut
    the other side then flip it and then finish

  29. Some good lookin guys!

  30. Was he drinking out of that stain can? What a badass.

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