Top 5 Affordable CNC Machines

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Top 5 Affordable CNC Machines
Snapmaker : The All-Metal 3D Printer:

Tooli – CNC tool:

Dobot M1: Pro Robotic Arm for Makers and Businesses:

The Nomad CNC Mill:

Evo-One desktop CNC Mill made for anyone!:


  1. Tooli seems assume.

  2. To save you all some time.

    Snapmaker: 499
    Tooli: 1295
    Dobot M1: Only available for business, the Dobot magician is 1499 Not sure why this one is even in the video.
    Nomad: 2499
    Evo-one: 2599

  3. Yoshinori Motoduka


  4. WTF!!!

  5. Snapmaker is 299

  6. The CNC is wonderful.

  7. I’m not sure $3000 is “Affordable”

  8. to be polite: total bullshit

  9. Can you carve out a fender guitar body with this machine (wood)…

  10. Since when does CNC = 3D printing?

  11. Traditionally, CAD/CAM CNC mills REMOVE material. Printers Build/add material. A very fundamental distinction that governs usable materials. uses and every aspect of the process and application. We can play semantic games, but 3D printers are not in routine practice referred to as “CNC machines”.

  12. sdushdiu I was simply stating that cnc stands for computer numeric control that’s all

  13. Nomad CNC mill and Evo-One CNC mill look similar to me

  14. sdushdiu
    My thought too

  15. since a 3d plotter can be fitted with both a dremel and a hot glue gun.

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m not very savvy in this subject, but wouldn’t a 3D printer control system coupled with a milling head with the guarantee that will mill even aluminium a CNC machine as well? Or laser head?

  17. It is for CNC equipment.

  18. fair enough

  19. 499 now

  20. Dobot M1 price???

  21. Yes, finally!
    All my chewing gum sorting problems are now solved..

  22. Snapmaker $549 now and rising. Preorder – which I can only guess means they do not have any stock. I am very suspicious of this one. They go to great lengths to familiarise the buyer to the idea of pay now and wait for our message. Then wait for delivery and don’t worry, look at the thousands of others who are still waiting – much longer than you. Hmmmmmm. Anybody actually receive one of these?

  23. Thats because those 2 are the only actual cnc machines on this list lol

  24. ForgetNetThrottling

    Came for CNC info, got bad English 3d printers. Disappointing.

  25. thanks for the info.

  26. Why does your title say [ Top 5 Affordable CNC Machines ] but the video starts off by talking about 3D printer. I stopped at 0:37 and hit the back button.

  27. TOP 5 Affordable CNC Machine
    First video 3D printer

  28. It’s a shame when the people reviewing CNC machines don’t seem to know the typical meaning of CNC.

  29. Invincible Bunghole

    What’s the name of the beat that plays at the end of the video?

  30. Framemac LGS Machinery

    good machine!

  31. In his defence 3D printers are a form of CNC

  32. People complaining about the video being misleading, 3D printers are CNC machines.

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