Ron demonstrates a simple molly bolt expander that makes installing hardware such as towel bars a little easier, and keeps them on the wall.

Molly Bolt Tool:

Paulk Workbench Plans:


  1. I went to the link you posted for this tool & this was the message on the site. Sorry, this product is currently unavailable. Is there another site that sells this tool?

  2. +Vince Baker – Also saw a cheaper version on eBay called a Molly Bolt Pincer. But doesn’t look as easy to use.

  3. We are using this tool in Poland for ages. Regards Ron.

  4. +Łukasz Pernak Yes, it seem everywhere, but the US, this tool is common. I have had mine for more than a decade and yet have never met anyone here that knows about them.

  5. +Łukasz Pernak Hi Ron. I thought that this tool should be popular in US cause you are using a lot of drywalls. Anyway I like your channel very much and I use your tips very often.

  6. Hi Ron
    Having moved into a new house 8 months ago and found that UK builders have moved on from brick or block interior walls to plaster board walls I have come up against this problem of fixing items to the wall.

    Your video explained how it worked but what was not clear to me was why you felt the tool was better than your previous method.

    How does it overcome the potential twisting and anchor failing problem?

    A supplementary question, would you use this method for hanging kitchen cabinets on a wall using a French Cleat when you cannot find the solid wood backing?
    Radar Roger

  7. +Bawdsey64 Roger, the twisting was caused by the turning motion of the screw gun, the tool pulls without turning the screw so the molly expands perfectly every time. I would not want to hang my cabinets solely on drywall, but the cleat should cross some studs and then use appropriate rated molly for the cleat ends that land between studs.

  8. Hi Ron. Just saw the video on the anchor setting tool. You are correct, I have never seen it before. I will be ordering one after I post my comment. Question. Where do you purchase the anchors? Since Home Depot or Lowes do not carry the tool, I am guessing they do not carry the anchors as well?

  9. +Alvin Harper The “Molly Bolts” are a standard offering at all hardware stores. They come in various diameters and lengths. Home Depot does carry them, as well as, your local hardware store.

  10. +Alvin Harper Before you buy, ask how you remove the fittings when they aren’t needed anymore.

  11. +Bawdsey64 My UK house is around 20 years old, and many of the interior walls seem to be made of a cardboard honeycomb. At least they still do kitchen walls in breezeblock, in anticipation of a lot of heavy wall cabinets, but elsewhere its a disaster. Even fitting a toilet roll holder can be a problem.

  12. isn’t this a rivet with a thread???

  13. It work like a “pop” rivet, but you don’t pull the screw (shaft) out. Love it!!

  14. Okay Ron, now that’s a great one. Ordered that right away! Thanks for tip. Keep up the good work!

  15. Just placed my order Ron. Thanks for the great tip. I’ll use it on every bathroom remodel I do.

  16. I like Toggler brand toggle bolts best. The only disadvantage is the hole is relatively large. The part that toggles is large enough to spread the load out and hold an impressive amount of weight.

  17. e-z anchor toggle lock works great as well it holds up to 100lbs, never had one failed yet, this looks cool too but it looks pricey

  18. you lost the bet,dude.

  19. Norwegianwoodworker

    Normal in Norway 🙂 A simle tong on the lokal “biltema” for these plugs is like 8 dollars.
    But great channel and tips, keep em coming 🙂


  20. Yeah I’ve never seen one before. It’s probably because I didn’t need to look for one since I kind of made something similar that did the same task. I like professional looking tools so I will probably still buy it anyway. I want one that can extract too so I’m going to do some research to see if a double duty tool exists. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. I believe they’re called ‘Molly Bolts’ not toggles. The gun tool is very common across the UK and the best way to install them for sure.

    They’re a Chinese invention.

  22. Great find, thanks for sharing.

  23. Good tip. Thanks for the share.

  24. Instead of drywall, could these be used on plastic soffits to provide a secure fixing for a dome camera?

  25. Old Sneelock's Workshop

    I have one of these but the clip that engages the screw head is so soft it just bends open and won’t engage the screw head. I might have a bad one but it was given to me so I’m not out anything.
    I found one at a garage sale that works much better for me. It looks more like a pop rivet tool but engages the head with a tighter clip that encircles the head of the screw.

  26. Dude, those plastic dowels are great and dont need to land in the garbage. What SHOULD land on the garbage is those dry walls.
    I think the problem in the USA are the lousy materials houses are built with, wood and drywall. Use brick, build a proper house, then you will find that those plastic dowels dont belong into the garbage.

  27. I agree 100% on the use of those plastic molly fasteners. By the way they are not recommended for hollow wall use, they are for wood, plaster, and concrete or cinder block

  28. Retired US cabinetmaker, never seen it before, just bought it. Should work great for grab bars in showers. Thanks.

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