Tool Storage and Cordless Drill Cabinet with French Cleats

See how I build my french cleat system here:

Plans are also available for both of the storage projects:

Cordless Drill Charging Center –

Tool Storage Wall Cabinet –
Other French Cleat Storage Projects:

Sandpaper Disc Storage Rack –

Small Clamp Storage Rack –

Inspiration for the Cordless Drill Charging Center from Jay Bates

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  1. You have quite a few drills!

  2. Fix This Build That

    I figured somebody would say that. I’m a little heavy, but it make changing bits a thing of the past 😃

  3. +Fix This Build That Hey I’m not knockin you! Jealous! I have 3 sets (3 drills and 3 drivers) and sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. Changing bits sucks! Especially when filming!

  4. Nice, I really liked the ending. Keep up the great work Brad!

  5. Fix This Build That

    +Proto G thanks, Anthony!

  6. Nice setup! thanks for the inspuration!

  7. Nice! Just need some build vids!

  8. Fix This Build That

    +Geoff Else I know, I know! I’m working my way up.

  9. Based on the clock above, it took you 1 hour to change up the configurations on the last part of the video, haha! Looks good Brad, I gotta hurry up and get a couple other projects done so I can move on to some shop organization projects! 👍🏼

  10. Fix This Build That

    +Stuff Seth Makes Nice eye. That included me taking the drill charging station off the other wall and photographing that as well 🙂

  11. Nice job Brad, matching to the beat of the music was fun, and you did a great job on the build and editing!

  12. Lol! That ending!!!!!

  13. You shamed me into making another video, Matt!

  14. I have no remorse

  15. +Matthew Cremona Hahaha!

  16. +Mike Kapotsy thanks, MIke!

  17. Very nice! I encourage you to keep the videos coming!

  18. You need to make some “how to” vids man

  19. If you have some hours I can borrow I’ll get right on it 😃

  20. +Fix This Build That I hear you. But I’m living vicariously through you. Lol

  21. Catholic Woodworker


  22. Great videos Brad … I’ve been trying to get through to your website both from your links below and links from Ana White’s website, and I keep getting error messages

  23. Fix This Build That

    +Paul R strange! I haven’t had any reported issues. Try the direct link

  24. Hey Brad, really enjoy watching you from Instagram, looking forward to the new videos on YouTube!

  25. Fix This Build That


  26. Looks very organized and tidy. I like the ending with the beat. What kind of plywood is that with the dark stripe? Looks really cool.

  27. Fix This Build That

    +Steve Carmichael it was called Sandply. Had it at Home Depot for a while. I really loved that look too!

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