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Store your power tools in STYLE! With a Power tool display cabinet. Garage organization ideas. Storage solutions.


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  3. hey this is a great idea ive benn trying to find ideas for my power tools. can you explain to me how you made the shelves and what size wood and what kind of wood I can use to make this. I am confused on how you made the shelf and still can take the piece of wood out with the cut outs for the wood with the shelfe still being in place. please send me directions on how to make this

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    Just make a book case. Fix all the shelves (no adjustable shelves). Then on the front of the shelf you put up a thin strip of wood that is the same width as the thickness of the shelf and the shelf insert. Nail that to the front and then you have hidden the shelf insert. Then draw the tool bases on the insert and cut them out. Here are the dimensions of my cabinet. top plate (1pc) 50×9 1/4″, sides (2pcs) 41 1/2×7 3/4″, shelves (4pcs) 46×7″, back cut to fit. The face frame is 1 1/2″ wide.

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    cut the inserts a little smaller than the shelves so you can remove them. I used pine shelf board for the whole thing except the inserts because I had leftover mdf to use for them. Good luck!

  6. Nice and neat. Good idea well explained. Thanks

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    Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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  9. I love this !

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