1. Brilliant cheers Tommy

  2. thx very much im building a workbench for my garage same way…

  3. You did a great job ….. but OMG …. why are you so stressed out?

  4. SilverPrimate Overlord

    Fantastic video, thanks Tommy.

  5. Great straight to the point. and moves along at a good fast pace.

  6. This is by far one of the best workbench build videos that i’ve come across. Simple, no nonsense, affordable and to the point!……….Cheers Tommy!

  7. +mistacadogan Thank you for your continued support keep your eyes peeled for new videos coming soon

  8. +mistacadogan Definitely no nonsense, no measuring and making math like crazy like other videos and in short I’ve learn a lot in a simple video like this one and the best part… simple tools that I actually have in hand… awesome video….!!

  9. I like your methodical attitude to your work…a true tradie.

  10. Great video !! But how many times does the guy say “Like so “

  11. So cool. He built his workbench in the toilet. My wife will kill me for doing that.

  12. the best workbench video ever! thank you a lot!

  13. +Richardson Campos Thank you

  14. power to the people

    Fantastic vid! I’m in the car park of my local timbers merchants as I type. Going to make a start on this today. wish me luck!

  15. +power to the people Share some picture once you’ve done it if you can, be nice to see πŸ™‚

  16. Absolutely fantastic tutorial. Planning this as my first workbench but I can’t seem to find to locate the pdf that goes with it!

  17. you look like that dad off inbetweeners lol πŸ™‚

  18. lovely work bench

  19. Im a bit concerned about the bolts used on the legs….perhaps next time you could use some just a wee bit longer!

  20. Top notch stuff!

  21. +yhwe100 Not at all sure it’s clearly a workplace, everyone knows you leave a bucket somewhere for someone to take a dump in πŸ˜‰ haha.

  22. What is the reasons for having the gaps between the timbers on table top? Why not have them flush without gaps?

  23. Nice and simple explanation. Certainly for someone enough, but the execution is unacceptable for me. Gaps in the upper plate, used long screws on the legs, too recessed screws … I used this tool in itself is special. I say it’s not good for me, but for someone sufficient.

  24. +Tech Tins I think the reasons behind are purely cosmetic, however in my view, there are a number of advantages; if you allow for gaps in between, wood dust, and other small sediments to slide through easily allowing minimal mess for clean up. Secondly, if the bench was left outside, this allows for drainage so that water can drain right through without it pooling on top and room for timber expansion.

  25. +TheClaudos
    Thanks that makes sense. I am currently building one. But I won’t have gaps, I’ll justΒ  sweep the top off from time to time.

  26. I suspect the reason is that it actually takes a bit of skill (and a few extra tools) to get two boards to join nice and flush with no gaps – and this is meant to be a beginners’ bench.

    Typically the timber you buy from a hardware store won’t be perfectly straight, and to make a table top with no little crevaces in it when you butt the boards up against each other you’ll need to work on the edges of the boards with a hand plane or a jointer. Then you’ll need some fairly big clamps and a lot of glue to press all the boards together.

    If you leave gaps, then it doesn’t matter if your boards aren’t perfectly straight.

  27. +Daniel Scott
    Thanks that makes total sense.

  28. hi, I tried to follow your advice to let the saw do the work. But nothing seem to happen.

  29. Why planks instead of ply?

  30. nice work

  31. yhwe100 the bench is wider than the door . going

    to have to dismantle it to take it out..what a jerk

  32. At the very worst he will have to take two lege off from one end!

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