Now that we’re home, the home improvement projects begin starting with Ollie operating heavy machinery!
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  1. Oh my gosh I’m *OBSESSED* with the accent wall in your bedroom! It looks SO
    good guys! Such a good idea! I would have never thought to do something
    like that, I love it.

  2. +Amy Johnson You are awesome! Thank you so much! 😍❤️

  3. can you have another baby

  4. Please explain the tv location lol so confused how that’s functional!!!!!!

  5. You guys should put a fish tank in your house if you do please shout me out

  6. Oh my gosh, Finn has SO much hair coming in!

  7. you wanna see something awesome

    The first word of this comment

  8. u guys remind me of my family a lot. except mine is a lot different.

  9. Kaitlyn Stevenson

    is it just me or do I think that Ollie is sharing more because Macey Gaines
    shared something with him?

  10. You should do a room tour in every room

  11. #PrayForOrlando

  12. +anonymous 21 I think they mean like Roman Atwood

  13. All for the puppy vlog

    I don’t think they will because they have hashtag

  14. Preveena Vijayakumaran

    THEIR WALL 😍😍😍😍 I’m actually in love with it 😍😍😍 I expected it do be
    different but it’s amazing 😍

  15. Yep. He was finally taught that you need to share with other people.

  16. I was thinking the same 😂

  17. Awwwww. There was a rainbow reflecting on my scree when you guys were
    talking about Orlando

  18. Screen

  19. Nooo Ollie Stop Growing!!! Your Too Big Already!!!!!!!!

  20. +Amy Johnson agree

  21. +missquinones23 +Buddercakebro12 oh i see

  22. When fin Was in the chair eating breakfast my first thought was omg he
    looks like ollie !!

  23. +Kennedy Thrasher oh so like there bedrooms cool❤️✨

  24. +Roisin Johnston 😊 no problem, have a nice day

  25. CulpFiction u r agreeed

  26. +Gunrow read the replys and find out

  27. I actually thought it was because Bryan said it was the cookie he had left
    on the bench, so Ollie said he wanted to share it. It was cute though how
    he thought he got the better deal because he had two pieces and wanted to
    share the second piece. Well the whole interaction was cute, but that
    because Ollie is one cute kid.

  28. Preveena Vijayakumaran

    +Praveena Kumaresan OMG WE DOO 😂😂

  29. hey its me lee *A girlz life*


  30. Also Roman Atwood already did that. Did you get that idea from him?

  31. I ant decide what my favorite episode is. Everyone single one or every sing

  32. OMG my birthday is in 3 days! just saying

  33. I agree. I’m going to have to do this when we get a house

  34. Me 2

  35. I know right same I was so confused

  36. Katelyn Normington

    +Lillianplayhouse White “i know right”

  37. I think the bar in the back moves around so you can adjust the tv whenever
    you wanna watch it

  38. MyAwsomeLife AsAndrea

    +Rah I’m a “NJ” Monster or not have one a all

  39. Happy Early birthday! 😆 🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎆🎆🎆

  40. Hey Missy, I grew up in a small farm and we had lots of chickens. Some
    chickens like their space but mostly, they like to lay close to each other
    especially in the cold season. I’m wondering, how tall is your fence? It
    looks around 4ft. I hoped it be taller, you be surprise how high chickens
    will jump. Sometimes we had chickens manage their way up on trees and even
    the barn roof! Also, not to ruin your fun for having chickens, just to
    inform you all but by having them around this will bring lots more snakes.
    Snakes love eggs and if a snake is really hungry they just might eat the
    chicken/chick. Please be careful when reaching in for the eggs when you go
    and get them. There was a couple of times we reach in to grab eggs and then
    freaked out to find a snake in the coop!! I really hope the snakes don’t
    come around and do that, Ill pray for that. I just wanted to give some
    advice & heads up, as I also lived in the area ( Texas) that had snakes. I
    am truly excited for you and your family to experience raising chickens,
    especially with Ollie. He’s going to love it! All the best! ❤😊

  41. Yes, it’s probably mounted to where it pulls out and can swivel left and
    right. 🙂

  42. Awwwwwwww

  43. Omg thank you!

  44. +Mary Horton i know right

  45. How old are u turning? 🎉Happy Early Birthday🎉


  47. Hey guys, that house is way too small for more than 3 chickens. They are
    also going to need a lot more shade than that. They can’t be out in the
    open sun.

  48. +Random Rivka Thx u guys I am turning 12 now 2 more days!

  49. +Mlp lover Oh wow u r about to be a year closer to your teens!!!

  50. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR

    I hope they don’t

  51. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR

    because they are abusive people. they don’t care

  52. Seriously! They need a girl!

  53. Janely Gonzalez  Reyes


  54. thank you your awesome

  55. +Beauty Princess you said that twise

  56. +Mia Constintine how is it hurtful you celebrate all lives

  57. +Qiane Lewis like I said in the beginning, you do celebrate all lives, but
    sometimes the focus needs to be on specific types of lives, because not all
    lives are under attack or in danger

  58. +Aryan miah Okay and?

  59. Me too. I didn’t think I would like it. But i love it! Such a great choice

  60. Happy early Birthday!!!

  61. yeah.. i was even thinking it was gonna be polished afterward. but its
    great just the way it is..

  62. I know right I thought that was Ollie lol

  63. yea I think so

  64. Lol

  65. Omg ikr? He’s growing up so quickly!! Ahhh!!!

  66. I know right I love it I watch it all the time it is great

  67. +Scarlett Whisperer how do u even know. dont say thinks without thinking

  68. Daily Bumps:

  69. Where’s Karma?!?!

  70. I miss him

  71. Karma~

  72. aww

  73. PsychoGamer// Alexis

    Cool. They are very diffrent but not diffrent

  74. Ikr!!!!

  75. +Jennifer Been

  76. +Jordan Saltern Sq ez Tarzan Ez

  77. I KNOW RIGHT!!!! Hurry up bryan and missy! XD but they probably want fin to
    turn 2 first just like how old ollie was when fin was born :3

  78. Who else came to this comment from Twitter😂

  79. oh my days I’m like there number fan

  80. hi my names kathleen I love daily bumped and went I’m older I totally want
    to be a zinger so Brian inspired me

  81. Hi hi

  82. Yeah my family is a lot different too

  83. Animelover 281849

    +Beauty Princess OMG SCHOOL! let’s hope that he likes school 🙂

  84. +Dionalyn Keats Yes! let’s hope and if anyone messes with him or put they
    hands on him I’m flying up there on the plane asap and coming up there! 💙

  85. +Scarlett Whisperer does karma look abused? Fearful of people or objects
    no, they love their animals. Don’t judge because everytime you point your
    finger you got 3 more pointing back at you.

  86. Hey MIRANDA😏

  87. taylorredshaw2006

    Thanks this made my day. You just earned a new subscriber for this comment

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